Ethical Clothing Los Angeles

Ethical Clothing Los Angeles with It’s Hip To Be Green® 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts show you are on board with being green!

What does being green mean? It means to lighten the load of burden on the environment through shopping choices, disposal choices and lifestyle choices.

Ethical Clothing Los Angeles is happening as Los Angeles is one big Green City.  People in Los Angeles make Greener choices, wear Greener Clothing, more sustainable choices.  To make their life healthier and more environmentally sustainable.

Buying Green is the in thing to do, does that lessen the impact of being in the green movement? No, it doesn’t.  Being Green and Hip is a good way to make Being Green a trend that turns into a worldwide habit.  Smoking for instance used to be a hip and trending thing to do, pleasure, then it turned into a habit, and then a worldwide addiction.  This is a negative example, but very well an example of how something can be a trend and then a habit, common place in daily life.

Being green is fun, exciting, educational, inventing, and interesting.  It can be a fun way of life.  It is for me and many others. Being Green, living sustainably and ethically that is good and productive for the living beings on this planet brings joy.

Ethical clothing is a way to Green your lifestyle, make it feel good, make a choice that is proactive for the world.  Buying Green, sustainable, organic cotton t-shirts shows others your excitement for the being on board with Being Green.



It’s Hip To Be Green is all about finding solutions to the issues, spreading the new inventions, ideas, products and movements around the world that will solve our problem with trash, pollution, toxic chemicals, and waste on this planet.  WE love spreading the good news, the amazing things people are doing to collaborate and connect to be more Green!  Join us.  Spread the word.  It’s Hip To Be Green® .