It’s Hip To Be Green in Honolulu

It’s Hip To Be Green in Honolulu.  Hawaii one of my favorite places I’ve lived.  My second home. I love it, I miss it. I adored living there.  Nowadays, Honolulu, Hawaii is Green. One of the top cities in this country to be green.  It is number 2 for Nature Lovers.

Being green in Honlulu is a top priority.  Visiting Honolulu, Hawaii is great place for nature lovers.  That means protecting the precious parks, nature, wildlife and scenery. One of the major reasons I loved living there.  The amazing natural beauty of Hawaii. 

Outdoor enthusiast can find anything from surfing to mountain biking.  Sun tanning on the famous Waikiki Beach to dancing under the stars to live music.  Truly is a incredible place to spend a Green vacation.  Honeymooners or family vacations, Hawaii has it all.  I’m biased though, I lived there.  It was an incredible part of my life, I was blessed to have experienced living in Hawaii.

It’s Hip To Be Green in Honlulu because it has a precious environment to protect.  The city understands its livelyhood.  Nature lovers usually love being green.  They know that the nature they adore needs to be taken care of, needs to be nurtured to continue to grow and flurish.


Pristine waters, mountains, waterfalls, rainforests, beautiful beaches and a rich culture, Hawaii has it all.  The incredible weather was so appealing to me.  I loved the rain daily, the rainbows and the ability to see mountains ( which I grew up with) and beaches. I truly am happy that Honolulu is Green.  I love Hawaii.  A part of my heart is there.  Honolulu being green is to me, what should be.

Aside from the amazing food, I love the native culture of the Hawaiian people.  I love the connectedness and the community.  The Hawaiian Islands is truly something to be protected and cherished.  It’s Hip To Be Green in Honolulu.