Sustainable Clothing Minneapolis

Sustainable Clothing Minneapolis.  Minneapolis is the “Greenest City” in America Sustainable clothing is important to them as is living green.  Being green, making a difference in the world is clearly important to the citizens of Minneapolis, MN.

Sustainable clothing Minneapolis is where It’s Hip To Be Green® wants to be. The greenest, the most proactive and the most cutting edge city where they take Being Green seriously.  Showing support for the green movement.

Sustainable clothing is important it sets the stage, it sends the message and it feels good to wear something that is eco friendly.  It feels good to be sustainable.  It feels good to be part of the solution.  Our sustainable clothing is 100% Organic Cotton. We walk our talk when it comes to green.




Minneapolis boast 770 per square feet of parkland per resident. The urban vista is characterized by an impressive network of green spaces that has earned it many green accolades in the past.  Being Green is hip in Minneapolis, MN.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly lifestyles, city and county government along with the social conciseness of a green city make it very inviting to those who are interested in, and excited about inventing new green ideas, spaces, building, clothing and businesses.  It makes for a green minded city.

It’s Hip to Be Green® is all about spreading the Green! It’s all about showing the changes, the new ideas, the solutions to the problems of climate change, pollution, air and water quality and healthy living.  We want to be excited about Being Green! Cuz Being Green is Fun, Hip and Chic.  It’s just icing on the cake compared to the necessity of it.  We focus on the positive solutions that make a difference.

So, if you are Green concerned citizen go check out Minneapolis, MN where Being green is not only HIP but happening!