Sustainable Clothing Portland Oregon

Sustainable Clothing Portland Oregon is where you will find many options for Green, Ethical clothing. This is a happenin Green city.

Portland, Oregon is on of the top 10 Green cities in the country, according to this article 2016 Greenest cities in America

“Portland has one of the highest numbers of LEED-certified buildings per capita in North America. The city’s 275+ parks boast more than 37,000 acres of green space, and a dozen farmers’ markets and 47 community gardens yield truly local ingredients while reducing dependencies on fuel-burning imports” . “And what can’t be grown within city limits comes from farmlands located just outside the metro area’s Urban Growth Boundary, a forward-thinking, artificial border developed in the 1970s to keep urban sprawl in check. It’s clearly a success, since Portland is getting greener every day.”  It’s Easy Being Green in Portland article boasts.

Coastline Portland Oregon

It’s Hip To Be Green® in Portland, Oregon for sure.  Portland is setting the stage of what “Being Green” is all about.  Sustainable clothing,  farm to table food, greenways, and bicycle community all reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

In Portland the city attracts and supports Being Green, being Hip and popular.  It is Hip to Be Green in Portland, we support their efforts.


Portland, Oregon not only is Green, it is incredibly beautiful.  What more can you ask for?  A thriving city with it all.  No wonder so many people are moving to Portland.  It seem to be the place to be for the 21 century.  Furthermore, it shadows only to San Francisco, California for being Green for lifestyle and policy rank.  Therefore, Sustainable clothing Portland Oregon is where we want our 100% Organic T-shirts to support.

These changes that seem trendy are the very steps we need to take to make life more sustainable and healthier.  Join the trend, support the effort, make the change.  Being green is Hip and necessary thing to do!  Truly, It is Hip To Be Green®