Why Organic Crib Mattresses ?

Why organic crib mattresses? As an expecting parent with an overload of things to get ready before the baby comes, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are the main reason’s a parent should strongly consider  Organic Crib Mattresses for their newborn.

  •          Flame Retardant Chemicals –  These primarily include Phosphate, Brominated, and sometimes Chlorinated or Antimony Flame Retardants.  When a chemical gets undue attention, and certainly if it gets banned, manufacturers tend to turn to other flame retardant chemicals.  But these substitutions are frequently known as “regrettable substitutions” because the new versions generally prove to be no better than the previous versions.  Various flame retardant chemicals have been associated with toxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, developmental issues, endocrine disruption, and reproductive issue, etc.
  •          Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) – PFCs are used as water-repellants and stain-repellants, and are frequently used to make the surface fabric of a crib mattress water-repellant.  In addition to being carcinogenic, one fairly recent study associated perfluorinated compounds with Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities  [Philip J. Landrigan, Children’s Environmental Health Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York & Luca Lambertini, National Institutes of Health; published in Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 120, Number 7, July 2012.]
  •          Phthalates – Phthalates are used to soften vinyl, and are linked to cancer and developmental issues.  Six phthalate chemicals were banned by Congress several years ago (as part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) and a seventh has been added to California Prop 65.  Meanwhile, there are at least an additional seven or eight new phthalate versions now on the market, as well as other phthalate substitutes, which are technically legal (i.e. not banned) and are being used.  No one knows the effects of these substitute chemicals, and whether they will ultimately be shown to have better or worse or substantially the same health concerns.

Why an organic crib matteress, because iIt is estimated that there are 84,000 chemicals in the market place today, most of which have not been tested for their toxicity level.  Tissue and blood samples show that the chemicals in mattresses have shown up on the blood and tissue sample results of infants.  The mattress off gasses and baby breathes these gasses into their lungs which leads to a multitude of illnesses or health issues. Where are the flame retardants found? They can be found in the surface fabric of a crib mattress, and/or in a flame barrier directly beneath the surface fabric, and/or in the foam inside the mattress.  Most synthetic fabrics on the market are flame-resistant because flame-retardant chemicals have been added into the fibers when the synthetic fibers were made.  In the case of natural fabrics, being that the fibers themselves are natural and not synthetically created, the flame-retardant chemicals are generally added at any of several later stages of the fabric processing.

Many parents think that bed sheets will keep the child from inhaling the chemicals.  However most sheets have chemicals as well, and the sheets do not keep the off gasses from being inhaled by your infant.  This is why an organic baby crib mattress is so important. Infants spend up to 14 hrs a day sleeping.

Our organic mattresses are non-toxic and fire retardant is chemical free, other natural substances are used such as common baking soda and does not off gas.

Before you buy a mainstream crib mattress, please do some research on the issues regarding the chemicals in baby mattresses.  Check out our full line of Organic Crib Mattresses at www.mypumpkindoodle.com







Adult Furniture Sustainable Wood

Adult Furniture  Sustainable Wood is by far the best choice when deciding what bedroom furniture to purchase. Sustainable wood furniture is made by selecting hardwoods that are grown in a sustainable manner, reforested to keep the cycle of regrowth continuing. This eco friendly way of growing hardwood keeps forests from being clear cut. Mainstream adult furniture is not grown in an ethical manner. Bedroom furniture made by Dapwood is the highest quality in handmade adult furniture Sustainable wood. They are committed to bringing you the finest in sustainable American hardwood furniture. Each design offers multiple choices in which hardwood you prefer. Size range from Twin to Cal. King bed frame sizes. Add an Organic Mattress and Natural bedding to your new bedroom furniture and you have a Organic bedroom that is sure to give you the best possible rest because you will know your sleeping without toxic chemicals.


Dapwood furniture finishes their Sustainable Wood Bedroom furniture with Linseed oil or Teak wood oil, which is far better for you and the environment than the mainstream toxic poly coating sealants. Your bedroom will be free of off-gassing which can lead to many health issues, including asthma, and allergies.

Excellent design with unmatched craftsmanship creates Adult furniture that is made from Sustainable wood is the very best in eco friendly bedroom furniture on the market.

Often times when shopping for adult furniture for our bedrooms we think we have to sacrifice design to get the eco friendly furniture, with Dapwood furniture this isn’t the case, you can have your beautiful esthetically appealing bedroom and have an organic bedroom too! There is no compromise when it comes to Dapwood furniture.

Check out our full line of Organic bedroom products, natural bedding, organic mattresses and eco friendly furniture and know that your concern for the environment and your commitment to your own health will create a bedroom that supports your sleep. Sleep well, Sleep Green with Pumpkin Doodle’s full line of adult furniture made from sustainable wood.

Natural Bedding

With cooler weather here window and doors are closed the indoor air quality of your home is more important.  We spend 8 hours or more in our bedrooms each day. The amount of toxins in the air in our bedrooms is higher than one might think.  Natural Bedding is important.  It’s what’s closest to us while sleeping.  Mainstream bedding can be toxic.  Open a new package of sheets or a blanket and you can smell the chemicals.  This is why most people immediately wash the bedding and may even air it out prior to washing.    Unfortunately washing doesn’t get all the chemicals out.  Using Natural bedding can be beneficial to your health and is much more comfortable and soft than mainstream chemical bedding. Since our bedding is closest to us while sleeping some might say it is more important than anything else in the house to be free of chemicals.  Spending time shopping for Organic bedding or Natural bedding such as Organic cotton sheets, Bamboo Sheets or Natural wool bedding is very important for a healthier lifestyle and body.

Feel the difference that an Organic Bed can make, start with Natural bedding and then add an Organic mattress or Organic mattress topper.  You’ll be glad you did! Check out our complete line of bedding www.mypumpkindoodle.com


Reason to use Organic Mattresses

Reason to use Organic Mattresses. If you are about to invest in a new mattress, you may want to explore your options for organic mattresses. Though many consumers feel saturated by such terms as all natural and organic, and balk at the idea of going so far as to seek out organic bedding, it is important to understand the benefits gained from the use of organic mattresses.
For instance, even a poor sleeper spends around five to eight hours of each day on their bed. Even if that bed has a pad and good linens the mattress may be sending out fumes and chemicals from all of the materials used in standard mattress manufacturing. What sort of chemicals? PVC is one, but so too are all of the fire retardants and polyurethane that appear in most domestically made mattresses.
So, a single night’s sleep can expose you to substances that may have been banned elsewhere in the world; that might cause such problems as thyroid disorders, breathing issues, brain development problems, and skin reactions; and more! Why put your health, and the health of those you love, at risk? Natural mattresses and bedding are readily available.
When you invest in organic mattresses and bedding you are acquiring items made entirely of natural materials. This means that wool or cotton that has been “grown” and processed without any sort of toxins. So, you get the immediate health benefits and the planet gets some relief from the relentless pace of industrial dumping and toxicity. Fortunately, they are available in all of the typical household sizes that range from a king size adult mattress right down to a organic baby’s crib mattress as well. Why not begin exploring your choices in organic and healthy mattresses and bedding today? You will sleep a whole lot easier for it!