What happens when you decide to be Green

What happens when you decide to be Green.  You not only feel like part of a solution, you also learn and become aware of so many things that you once took for granted.  Once you begin to do the small things that are “Green”, you then find new ways to Be Green.

You begin to notice others ways of not being Green and your mindset changes.  Education begins and a process that snowballs happens within you.  It’s a trend in the beginning, and then it becomes a habit, then a new way of life.

For me personally,  I start feeling freer, cleaner, clearer and healthier.  It’s a mindset, its a way of being.  It just can’t help but become a state of being.

Being Green is actually “Being Green” it is so true!  It isn’t a twist on words.  It does become a state of mind, a way of being. It for me, is my new way of seeing, reacting and responding in life.  Not only in a materialistic view of ” less waste”, “less footprint” but also in how I view all of life, all of my actions, and how I view all of life’s inhabitants.  Including trees, plants and yes, even weeds.


What happens when you decide to be Green?  It is a reverence for life as a whole.  It is a deep, deep sense of gratitude, of beauty and of my reactions to such.

For instance I used to use bug zappers.  I didn’t know better at that point in my life.  I was in my 20’s.  Now they make me cringe. I don’t want mosquitoes in my yard to bite my children or myself.  I also don’t want to kill the insects that keep my trees, garden growing and eat other annoying insects to be zapped.

Nowadays, I do not use zappers. I protect bees, ladybugs, praying mantis etc.  I even catch and release spiders, the non-poisonous ones.  I have a sense of gratitude for insects that before I just deemed them all pests to be killed.

What happens when you decide to be Green.  I choose my battles and I choose my causes. I choose my cars, the paint I use,  my food, and I choose my ways of dealing with unwanted items.   I choose, as before I just fell pray to marketing and commercialism.   Being Green is a conscious way of living.  It is being awake!  It’s Hip To Be Green®






Our inner world being Green is important

Our inner world being Green is important.   I work as a counselor also, so I work on my inner world as well as my outer world.  I feel this is important because how I project my actions to the world is in direct proportion to my inner world.   What does this have to do with Being Green?  So much!

Being Green truly is a state of being.  I has to do with how you feel about the world we live in.  What is important to you, in the form of lifestyle.  This has everything to do with being green.

I love life, I do, I love the bees, trees, plants, and I love this planet!  I really do love this planet.  It breaks my heart to see it polluted, and destroyed, the bees being killed off at massive proportions, it brings tears to my eyes to see the ocean polluted and sea life harmed, coral reefs dying, the polar caps melting.

That comes from a place of gratitude and grace for what a gift this planet is.  That is something that isn’t from just going through the motions of recycling and taking my own grocery bag to the food store.  That comes from a love of all life.

When people come from a place of non-acceptance of what is truly going on in the world, a place of greed, or of materialism, and no gratitude it shows up in their purchases, actions, discussions, their mood,  their state of being.  That is how they project on to the world.

So, when I say your inner world being green is important that is why.  It is how you actually are ” being” in the world.

I love being green and I love learning and finding new ways to be green, it is indeed fun for me.  I love how I become more connected to the earth and it’s creatures. I can handle wasps without being stung.  They sense that I have no fear, I’ve picked up a snake, a scared mouse.  My being green looks like me being more in touch with gratitude for everything we have on this planet.

I work hard at not taking it for granted.  I practice love and gratitude.  So when I wreck my car and I can’t bring myself to have the insurance company put aftermarket “new” parts on it, when there is stock piles of damaged cars for the picking to get used parts off of, I do it.  I just drive my car wrecked until which time, I can do less harm.

You see being green isn’t about fast and easy, it is about taking our time to do what is best for our home.  It is about taking care of, just like we would our own homes, or apartments, or condos.  We keep them clean and take care of them.  Our planet is no different.   It is our home!  Being green on the inside is important.  It dictates our choices.  It’s Hip To Be Green®









Dakota Access Protesters Trashed the Land?

Dakota Access Protesters Trashed the Land?  So, they are being accused of doing so, is it true?

On February 7, the Trump Administration gave the final green light to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, bringing an end to the efforts of thousands of water protectors gathered to protest its construction. The media coverage at Standing Rock has been divided at best, and even now, as the last of the people have been forced to evacuate, they are accused of trashing the land around them.  

People all over the world started arriving last August (and even earlier) because they want clean energy and believe it is time we fight our dependence on big oil with greener technologies, not pipelines that threaten our precious ecosystems. The thousands of protectors who gathered made their presence and voices stand in unison not only to protect the waters potentially affected by this pipeline, but to show that it truly is hip to be green. As Louise Liu pointed out in Business Insider, the protest helped reshape “the national conversation for any environmental project that would cross the Native American land,” despite ultimately losing the battle against NDAPL. We hope that the conversation will also continue at national and even global levels to stand in solidarity against companies who harm our earth.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has refused to extend the deadlines needed for the protectors to return to the land and collect the donations and their personal belongings held at the camp. Because of the winter, especially with freezing and thawing temperatures that create tremendous mud, many people cannot return to collect their items. The USACE’s refusal to work with them will cost taxpayers roughly $1 million for them to complete the cleanup. Many belongings have been bulldozed and tossed into the landfill.  

What a waste.

Depending on your point of view, you’ll find a story about the cleanup (or lack thereof) that suits your worldview. This type of relativism lends many to believe that “alternative facts” can be used to label anything that doesn’t match how we see things. But in some cases you can leave all of that behind, and just do what you know to be right. Being green can happen, no matter what facts you want to listen to. 

Being green is about small, tiny choices you can make all day long— regardless of what you believe about protecting our environment. Many people choose to bring less and less chemicals in their homes. From cleaning products to organic food to the creams we rub on our skin, there has been a strong movement to “green ourselves up” from the insides of our homes to the insides of our bodies. We want to protect our family’s health. We make these choices apparent with the products that we buy, and when you see the availability increasing you know that the demand is also raising for these types of conscious consumerism. It is Hip To Be Green! Many of us choose not to bring toxins into our personal environments, even if climate change is not something we choose to acknowledge or think about. However, you can also make small, tiny choices that help to keep our planet clean. You can be an earth protector every day.  Whether “Green” is only to protect your family’s health or to protect the Earth, It is Hip To Be Green!  

Being organized is being Green

Being Organized is Being Green. As a woman with a female brain, I know all too well the feelings of overwhelm when my office or house is a mess. I can’t think straight. It feels like short circuit melt down at times. It effects my day, my mood and my productivity. I tend to be like most mom’s and over-function, work too late, get less sleep and burn the candle at both ends. This doesn’t produce a happy life; it produces a rung out exhausted life. How does organization create a green lifestyle, a healthier environment?

Being organized helps you know more of what you have already, it helps keep things in order so you spend less time finding or doing tasks. This translates into less materials, less energy, less waste and more importantly less of your energy.

Being organized is a green act. I have a re-use/re-purpose pile, which is very helpful, it cuts down on the amount of supplies I have to purchase which saves money . I also use less gas to go to the store to purchase more supplies, which frees up my Mom time, my Me time. It feels good!
Saving time is beneficial to your health and wellbeing, your sanity and happiness. Organization is very important in all aspects of my daily life. It creates more balance and lessens stress, adds more to my bottom line. It creates a sense of relaxation, and manageability.

It’s helpful to check in with yourself on a daily basis and see how stress might be minimized by organization and how being organized causes a ripple effect on your total health. Over-functioning is known to be counter productive. Save yourself and help the environment too, get organized. Being organized is Being Green!

Being Green is more than recycling, re-using and buying green it is a state of being: one that can encompass our inner world as well as our outer world. Having a inner green environment helps my world and our world. It never goes out of style. It’s Hip To Be Green! Being Organized

Technology is here already

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Technology is here already and it is growing at a rapid rate.  So why do so many talk dismal about Climate Change and disaster ?  Many believe that fear creates action, in many cases it does.  However, when we are speaking about the whole world being destroyed it is too overwhelming for people to take it. Fear creates stagnation. 

They just feel hopeless, it’s too painful for them to take in.  They give up before they even get started.

If we keep our focus on answers, new technology that is already here, we begin to feel less hopeless and more hopeful.  We have the technology already to make huge, huge steps in the environment and climate change.

Many countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Iceland are already major steps ahead of us.

If the technology is already here, why don’t we see it? Most are startups, they need capital, customers, and opportunities to get their products on the market.  They are also met with violent opposition by their counterparts, the major organizations that are causing much of the issue with climate change. 

We as consumers, the ones really concerned about climate change, have to support each other, gather and decide to make this change happen.

If we continue on with the same mentality that created this massive issue, it will surely not be resolved.  It takes tenacity, it takes effort, it takes proactive-ness and commitment.  It takes courage and a passion to make a difference.

This is our mission with It’s Hip To Be Green!  Show the world that positive actions and new technology are what will bring about the change we need.  Taking the positive mentality will get us fired up and passionate about the technology that is already here and create innovative new ideas. Feeling helpless, hopeless and giving up will only cause the toxicity of this planet to continue. WE will be continuing to perpetuate the same actions that caused this issue.

Albert Einstein once said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

We are here to start a new consciousness the HIP movement of change. Getting excited about what is being done and shift to focus on implementing the technology that is already here and passionate about creating more. It’s Hip To Be Green®

Sustainablity is it a losing battle?

Sustainability is it a losing battle?  Many people think it is. I often speak to people that buy organic, non-toxic and eco friendly products.  What I hear from many of them is that Sustainability is a losing battle.  The environment is too far gone.  I ask ” why then do you spend so much on Organic and Toxic free products?”   I’m hearing much of the same responses, “It’s better for our bodies, and I worry about my children’s health”

Often times we fall prey to the media, this is another example of that. So much of marketing products is geared towards our most precious in life, our children.  Avoiding toxins and sickness due to chemicals.  Which in the marketing industry works beautifully.  The products sells!  That is the main goal.  It isn’t really saving the environment that gets people on board to buy.

There is some truth to this, the earth doesn’t need saving.  It will survive, I havent heard that climate change would blow up the planet.  The save the earth campaigns lack honesty.  In all honesty, we must save ourselves, our food, or atmosphere so we and other species on the plant will survive.  The campaigns point outward.  Most humans have been so programmed by media and social standards to think of their own health.

Whatever reason you might have for buying Organic, Green, Non-toxic products is a great reason. There is no judgement here.  It all helps contribute to saving ourselves, our future generations, and our ability to survive and thrive on this planet. It all helps climate change!

Every little bit helps!  It’s cliche but true!  It all helps climate change either directly or indirectly.

Being a hardcore activast hasn’t been my thing, it isn’t what I promote as a eco-enthusiast or a eco-business woman.

What we promote at It’s Hip To Be Green® is creating a lifestyle that is healthier, happier, more sustainable for your family, your integrity and your lifestyle.  A postive outlook on being green.  Saving the environment seems like a huge, huge task! To many, it is too overwhelming.

They will do their part to help, as long as, they are not made to feel they are not doing enough.  What excites me as an eco entusist is the new inventions, ideas, diy projects,  creative minds that I read about that so much gets lost in the media under the negative that is being done to the environement.

Keeping entusiastic about being green is what excites people to share, talk about and continue on with what they are doing.  When the bad news is all that is talked about, people feel hopeless.

It is my feeling that the harsh chemicals, unethical, harmful practices be seen and heard, but to have the more positive results just as much in the lime light.

Sustainability isn’t a losing battle, only in our minds do we feel we cannot make drastic enough changes, it is in our minds what the media feeds us, as facts.  What small steps we take now that become a habit, will snowball into greater and more healthier ways.   So, NO! Sustainability is not a losing battle.  Stagnation is the lost cause.  Become a eco entusiast, join the trend.  It’s Hip To Be Green®.








Eco Nazi Warriors, Green Consumerism

Eco Nazi Warriors, Green Consumerism.  I sit depressed sometimes at the crazy chaotic confusion of what “ Being Green” means. I hear arguments of what “ Green” should look like, what standards businesses should be “held accountable” to, and I often wonder if in this “ ego” trap that some “ Green “ experts want to insist that we adhere to, we haven’t lost the reason for the actions, the openness to hear and be heard on what solutions can come from it,  being an Eco Nazi Warrior setting too high standards and causing issues within the system. Small business being shut down due to the hard-core green standards to which they cannot compete.

On the other hand, I also see our country, our world moving too slowly to make changes, and causing so much desperation among experts, and concerned citizens and the need to push harder, and protest more.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all about non-toxic, clean and a healthier world. I’m about protection of the habitat and it’s inhabitants as well as sustainability.  I’m just not hard-core ‘do it this way or else’. Why, because first off I created my campaign to help people understand that every bit they do helps, I also created my campaign It’s Hip To Be Green® to create a more positive, upbeat trend of Being Green, instead of the fear people into becoming more “ Green”.

You see I don’t need to set people straight, make them feel hopeless and unaware, I don’t need to only hold Green businesses accountable for high standards. I believe that it is far more productive to get people excited about being green, show businesses you appreciate what they are doing, and support them moving further into cutting their carbon footprint. As a consumer we hold all the power. The corporations must follow. If we buy we support them.

This may sound as if I’m approving of “ Green Washing”, it isn’t. There is a vast difference in a business doing what it can to be green, than one using “having a “ Green “ model” and on the flip side continuing to support unethical use of “Green” to continue toxic and damaging practices.

I try to stay focused on, Being Green myself at home, in my life, and living by example, then I am pushing it on others. I’m Green and I can prove it.  It’s simple.  I don’t have an elaborate “ Green built “ house, I have a used house, a refurbished house that also used many “ used” supplies and lumber in the remodeling of it. I’m proud of that. I don’t need to keep up with the “ Green Jones’”. What I do is walk my talk. I don’t do it to ” fit it”. I do it because I really do care about this planet, our health and the environment!

In all honesty, building bigger, more elaborate “ Green” homes is still consumerism. It’s just “ Green Consumerism”. I’m not against it, I promote it, sell it, use it. However, I do feel that there is a division between the big “ Green Consumer Warriors” pushing buying more, Green products, and people buying less, re-using more, using Green products when they need it, and actually cutting their consumerism and carbon foot print down in all areas of their life.

You see buying carbon offsets credits is great, if one cannot balance the scales any other way, but just not having to is much better for the environment. I’m game on having more Green products, more Green options, Greener businesses, totally on board with it. I am one. It’s Hip To Be Green®

What I have issue is, creating a world that has just as much consumerism as it does now, if not more, and it being Greener Consumerism. Creation of products Green or not takes energy and a certain level of carbon footprint. Even if they are Green!

I rarely have to worry about offsetting my carbon footprint and here is why. I’m doing so much and working on doing more every year, to be the Greenest I can be. I don’t need to compete. I don’t need to compare, I just focus on how I can do more. This keeps me more humble, less pushy, and feeling better about what I project into the world. I live it! I don’t preach it. It’s Hip To Be Green, and I love it.

I buy used clothing most of the time, what I don’t buy used, I buy deeply discounted. I sell it or donate it to Goodwill when done. I don’t toss it in the landfill.

I use my towels to the end, trickle them down to dog towels, then rags and use them til they are barely anything left.

I drink out of peanut butter jars. I don’t need to impress, it is more important than “ social status”. I could have a fine formal dinner, and we’d drink out of peanut butter jars. I use peanut butter, it takes energy to recycle them. So, I drink out of them. It saves money, energy, the environment.

I grow my own Organic Veggies and I’m working on fruit trees and eventually fresh eggs.

I re-use almost everything I can. What I cannot re-use I donate.

I use my Organic coffee grinds in my garden, I compost.

I even use broken clay plant pots in my garden for decorations or to hold other plants.

I heat my home with corn burning furnace. That’s right, corn. I buy it from local farmers. I support our local economy, and I heat my home wonderfully with corn. I’m the only person I know that has one. Bio fuel isn’t that green, I use corn. Farmer’s I’d rather support than the Oil industry, or Electric and utility industry.

I use the charcoal from my furnace for gardens or other uses. Nothing goes to waste.

I buy used furniture. I know right, that isn’t chic, hip or even socially classy, but I’m not in this for the game, I’m in it for real!. It is rare that I buy new furniture.

I buy used cars. I see the stockpile of used cars in this country and the lots overloaded with new vehicles. They set it up to buy new, less interest rates, longer terms. Car dealers make it hard to buy used. I can’t bring myself to do it. I buy great, good conditioned, well taken care of, used cars. My current one is Ultra low emissions car. I also drive my cars until they are almost dead. I know, I don’t need a fancy car, I want to help the environment. If people don’t like it, oh well.

I’m frugal, which means I saw money, it also means I don’t buy things I know I won’t use for long. I buy for long term. I also save the environment by being frugal.

I repair instead of replace. I buy products that have replacement parts. Throw away products isn’t my thing.

I drink water and so does my family. Water, filtered of course but WATER! That’s about all you’ll find in our refrigerator. Why because it is what our bodies need, it saves money, and it saves the environment.

I take unused water, in my house and water my plants. I rarely pour water down the drain. It’s so simple, take the glass of water UN-drank water pour it on my plants.

We make due without lots of the time. Because it just makes environmental sense, to not buy if you don’t have to. So, there are many things we just don’t do. I don’t need the newest state of the art anything. If it works and does the job, I’m happy.

I have used office supplies I’ve re-used for decades. Stapler, file folders, calculators, hole punch, etc. I’ve had them for over 20 years. They work. That’s what matters.

We use low Voc and no Voc paint in our home.

I’ve left my house siding as it is because it doesn’t need to look better to serve the social status, or fit it. I’ve decided that until that point that my house “has” to have new siding, The siding it has is just fine. Paint it, and leave it on the house instead of in the landfill. It just doesn’t make sense to throw it in the landfill.

We buy bulk, we also make our own. This keeps down the need for containers. I also re-use containers that our food comes in. It isn’t pretty but it keeps them out of the landfill. It works.

I buy with conscious and commitment. I don’t buy to fit in. I buy clothing that is well made and will last years, and I’ll love wearing it. Buying hip is great, buying quality is better, and if it is hip, which most of mine are, I get double the benefits. I haven’t stopped being fashionable, I’m just wise.

These are just a few of the things I do, to keep my lifestyle “Green” my ethics high, and my commitment in place, not just for future generations, but for us NOW. My family has learned a “Greener” lifestyle. A trend of being Greener, more sustainable, more in tune with living a cleaner lifestyle.

So, when I hear the discussions of making companies adhere to more tight guidelines and possibly hurting small businesses that really are trying their best to make a difference. I cringe, I support their efforts, they have to start somewhere, it isn’t all or nothing. It’s about starting the ball rolling and then allowing it to snowball. Creating a more positive outlook on Climate Change and being a Greener Healthier world. Getting people excited about learning a new way of life. It’s about being open.

This isn’t a competition people, it;s a call to action. No one needs to be a Green Eco Nazi. Just walk your talk, live your life as Green as you can, tell people how you do it, what’s in your heart and watch the trend grow. It can be so effortless. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and depressing because you can’t do it all.

Let the excitement of being green become a way of spreading love and acceptance in the world. Let’s leave the battles aside. Let’s all just get excited about “ Being Green” leave the keeping up with the Jones, behind us.  Find our way to be happy with less.

It’s Hip To Be Green and it feels so good to live it, be it, and spread it around. Every step you take is a step in the right direction. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be fun!  It’s Hip To Be Green®

New Hip Green T-Shirt Millennials Wear

New Hip Green T-shirt Millennials Wear! Millennials have a whole different approach to style, fashion, lifestyle and environmental causes, activities, the new Hip Green T-shirts Millennials wear is not the old school unisex t-shirt. Those are unattractive, sloppy and androgynous.

What the Millennials want and do wear are a stylish hip, go anywhere style t-shirt that can be worn lounging around the house, and to go out and have fun in. It creates less buying to complete their wardrobe. Go to yoga, and then to dinner clothing. Buying what is new, hip and trendy and yet “buying less” is more.

Millennials buy less, conserve, and re-use, they spend more on other things such as activities, and entertainment, they have a desire to live simply.

My desire with our signature shirts is to make a statement, in order to make a statement, the statement must be worn, liked and seen. My shirts are the most comfortable t-shirt you’ve ever worn, and it is 100% Organic cotton, chic and fitted. It lacks the unisex look, it looks good anywhere.  It’s the New Hip Green T-shirt the Millennials Wear!

If T-shirts are in vogue then we have the t-shirt that is just that. Why not choose a t-shirt that is trendy, chic and comfortable, that accentuates your style and shape. Something the unisex t-shirts don’t do.

Julia at Mtn. Biz Works is strutting our signature T-shirt. Mtn. Biz Works is helping It’s Hip To Be Green® become a household phrase.

Julia loves the style, fit and softness of the t-shirt. I love it when a customer puts on my t-shirts and smile. They feel that good.

Now with the world turning to solutions for Climate Change, it’s the time to show your support for a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable world.  The Millennials buy Green and Wear Green! They are our future.  Get the New Hip Green T-shirt the Millennials are wearing!

Black Friday, Can you Go Green

Black Friday, can you go Green? Most Green minded people see Black Friday as the worst day of the year for being Green, It certainly can be, but there are ways, if you do want to shop on Black Friday to be Green.

I personally do not shop on Black Friday much at all, I do try to avoid it. My reasons are not only about being Green, but also, about being caught up in the marketing and commercialization of using this time of year, to sell hard.

As a business woman, I’m fully aware of the bottom line. I understand this season brings in much more in sales, I also know that it isn’t a time for me to throw in the towel on Being Green, ethical and kind.

What a turn off it is for me to just finish Thanksgiving dinner with family, and the rush out to spend the night at a box store to save money and get the deals. Marketers make it hard to pass up. Though, in my heart, I don’t judge people who do.

Kindness is a good reason to play it low during Black Friday rush to buy. People stomping all over others, pushing, getting angry, frustrated, anxious. It is stress to max!

Many people really need Black Friday to make ends meet, to be able to get gifts for family and friends, that otherwise might not. I, myself know that feeling.

For those who want to Be Green, and shop on Black Friday, here are some ways you can lessen your carbon footprint and keep it Green.

* Plan ahead with re-usable shopping bags. Many stores offer them now at the counters for sale. If you have many at home, save the money and save the planet, by taking your own.

* Un-load your trunk and car. This is a easy wah to save on gas. The lighter your vehicle, the less gas you use.

* Air in the tires. This will also save on gas, saves your poket book and the environment

* Carpool if you can to stores, this helps keep the traffic down, the carbon from vehicles, and creates a fun environment.

* Buy recycled or environmentally friendly products when you can.

* Buy local. This is huge, it supports your local economy, it also saves on the carbon footprint of shipping etc. It supports small businesses also. Boxed stores can be hard to pass up on the deals, and if you can, buy from a local small business.

* Refuse the plastic! Yes, you can recycle it, but the less used is the less that needs recycling. Shipping it back to China, isn’t that earth friendly.

* Buy energy efficient products when you can. Do research prior to shopping, this saves time, and gas to go from store to store.

* Buy used! I know how cheezy is that to buy used for the holidays. I get it, new is more exciting and fun. Consider this, it really helps the environment. If your loved one is into Green, they will be excited to know you thought Green!

* Ethical shopping! When shopping know your brands, and look for sweatshop free products, Support companies that have fair wages, working towards being green, or greener.

* Quality products. Quality might not seem Green, but it is. Products that are made well, last longer. Comapnies that produce quality offer warranties, replacement parts etc. This cuts down on the amount of the product you have to buy, and keeps products out of the landfill.

* Wrap Green! Creative inexpensive, fun ways to wrap and save the enviromnent. Cloth bags, newspaper, re-used wrapping paper, recycled wrapping paper, tree-free cards and gift wrap. It can be beautiful and Green!

I could go on and on, on this subject. I’m very passionate about being Green! If Black Friday is your desire, try to keep your carbon footprint in check! It will feel so good to know you did, after the holidays. Pass it along.

Dating & Relationship Expert Rori Raye is Green!

Dating & Relationship Expert Rori Raye is Green! I’m so pleased to get another opportunity to write about someone I greatly respect. Rori Raye is a entrepreneur and relationship expert. She has the keys to many of the inside ways to feel your way to a lasting connection with yourself and your partner. She calls it the Modern Siren.

I’ve had the pleasure of working the Rori Raye tools and method for almost 4 years now. I’ve had a tremendous change in my perception of myself as a woman. I’ve also brought on awareness of my lack of connection with myself. My feminine side.


Along with Rori Rayss amazing insight and coaching techniques she is also a business coach. World renewed, she loves to support women through to their deepest desires.

Roriis also a very Green person, unbeknownst to me, she loves being Green. I ‘ve had the opportunity to connect with her through her business classes and found out she loves being Green! We have lots in common, a love tor deeper connection to one’s self , and a deeper connection and love for the earth. I get chills writing about this now. Rori has brought me to tears in her coaching sessions, she just has that ability to speak in a way that softens me, and brings me to my heart. My passion!

Being Green to me, is not just recycling, buying green, avoiding toxins. Being Green is a state of being, a respect for our home, this planet, a deeper love for myself, and respect for the man in my life, an open heart. Loving all of life!

Rori’s tools help me find my way into communicating with my heart and with an openness, a clear desire for connection, it has greatly changed my relationships, my business as well. Writing with passion, with my heart! It’s beautiful!

Rori has this incredible energy about her, bright smile, and a love for what she does, a love for helping others and a love for being Green! Rori is indeed a woman I admire.

I’m honored to have her wear my signature 100% Organic t-shirt and I’m honored each time I have a session with her. She is a woman that has helped thousands of women, feel more feminine, connected and loved. Incredible! Which is my passion for the environment to help others feel love and connected to nature. Please check Rori out at www.businesssiren.com