Black Friday, Can you Go Green

Black Friday, can you go Green? Most Green minded people see Black Friday as the worst day of the year for being Green, It certainly can be, but there are ways, if you do want to shop on Black Friday to be Green.

I personally do not shop on Black Friday much at all, I do try to avoid it. My reasons are not only about being Green, but also, about being caught up in the marketing and commercialization of using this time of year, to sell hard.

As a business woman, I’m fully aware of the bottom line. I understand this season brings in much more in sales, I also know that it isn’t a time for me to throw in the towel on Being Green, ethical and kind.

What a turn off it is for me to just finish Thanksgiving dinner with family, and the rush out to spend the night at a box store to save money and get the deals. Marketers make it hard to pass up. Though, in my heart, I don’t judge people who do.

Kindness is a good reason to play it low during Black Friday rush to buy. People stomping all over others, pushing, getting angry, frustrated, anxious. It is stress to max!

Many people really need Black Friday to make ends meet, to be able to get gifts for family and friends, that otherwise might not. I, myself know that feeling.

For those who want to Be Green, and shop on Black Friday, here are some ways you can lessen your carbon footprint and keep it Green.

* Plan ahead with re-usable shopping bags. Many stores offer them now at the counters for sale. If you have many at home, save the money and save the planet, by taking your own.

* Un-load your trunk and car. This is a easy wah to save on gas. The lighter your vehicle, the less gas you use.

* Air in the tires. This will also save on gas, saves your poket book and the environment

* Carpool if you can to stores, this helps keep the traffic down, the carbon from vehicles, and creates a fun environment.

* Buy recycled or environmentally friendly products when you can.

* Buy local. This is huge, it supports your local economy, it also saves on the carbon footprint of shipping etc. It supports small businesses also. Boxed stores can be hard to pass up on the deals, and if you can, buy from a local small business.

* Refuse the plastic! Yes, you can recycle it, but the less used is the less that needs recycling. Shipping it back to China, isn’t that earth friendly.

* Buy energy efficient products when you can. Do research prior to shopping, this saves time, and gas to go from store to store.

* Buy used! I know how cheezy is that to buy used for the holidays. I get it, new is more exciting and fun. Consider this, it really helps the environment. If your loved one is into Green, they will be excited to know you thought Green!

* Ethical shopping! When shopping know your brands, and look for sweatshop free products, Support companies that have fair wages, working towards being green, or greener.

* Quality products. Quality might not seem Green, but it is. Products that are made well, last longer. Comapnies that produce quality offer warranties, replacement parts etc. This cuts down on the amount of the product you have to buy, and keeps products out of the landfill.

* Wrap Green! Creative inexpensive, fun ways to wrap and save the enviromnent. Cloth bags, newspaper, re-used wrapping paper, recycled wrapping paper, tree-free cards and gift wrap. It can be beautiful and Green!

I could go on and on, on this subject. I’m very passionate about being Green! If Black Friday is your desire, try to keep your carbon footprint in check! It will feel so good to know you did, after the holidays. Pass it along.

Black Friday can it be Green

The question comes up; Black Friday can it be Green? I think it can be more green.  Certainly it is one of the most wasteful days of the year in the USA. Millions of wasteful products are handed out, thrown away during this busiest shopping day of the year.  Not to mention the carbon dumped into the air by the massive vehicle use sitting in traffic etc.  One might ask, how can Black Friday be Green.  It can be Greener than it is.  Here are a few steps you can take the help Green your Black Friday shopping.

  • Carpool
  • Empty out your trunk ( lighten your load)
  • Take re-usable shopping bags
  • Refuse disposable or marketing materials handed out
  • Buy Eco friendly or Recycled content products
  • Recycle all the bags, paper, cardboard etc.
  • Re-use items or re-invent items you don’t use anymore
  • Donate instead of trashing
  • Shop in one area to avoid excessive driving
  • Buy products that have replacement parts
  • Buy quality made products that will last
  • Buy used if possible, it’s hip and it’s Green!
  • Buy charitable gifts such as a goat for a 3rd world family
  • Shop local and support handcrafted and local made products
  • Buy Organic, eco-friendly products as much as possible
  • Hand make your gifts

So many options when it comes to Greening your Black Friday shopping. It’s endless the small steps you can take to save money and help the environment as much as possible. Help keep the millions of tons of waste out of the landfills by taking steps to lessen your carbon footprint.  Black Friday can be Green! Shop all of our Organic products

Black Friday Shopping

Thanksgiving is this week. A time for us to stop and think about all we are grateful for.  This holiday is my favorite holiday as I always have so much to be grateful for.  It is also a sad time of the year “the holiday season” where so much waste occurs.  In the time of Thanksgiving, lets take a look at this amazing planet we have to support us, feed us and give us beauty.  I find this planet amazing, and I’m always in AWE of it.

So when you  sit down to have your meal and go around the table to say what your are grateful for in your lives, family, friends, health , job and home, let’s add this amazingly beautiful planet.  Let’s treat it as our home and nurture it, protect it as it is precious.  Generations to come deserve to have this amazing planet preserved so they can enjoy it also.

Each year around the holidays 5 million extra tons of waste are produced than any other time of the year! That’s 25% more trash that goes into the landfills.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot fathom 5 million tons of trash!  That’s just during the holiday season.  Every time you re-use wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon and bows you save lots of trash from going into the landfill. It is imperative to recycle during the holiday season!

Here are some pre-holiday tips for the up and coming Black Friday shopping frenzy.  Planning ahead can reduce waste.

  • Have oil changed and check air filters: traffic is heavy and people sit in traffic a long time in between stores this saves on emissions and saves gas.
  • Avoid heavy traffic roads and plan on back streets to avoid sitting in traffic
  • Clean out your trunk prior to shopping
  • Take shopping bags and fold them for easy carrying.
  • Use lightweight easily compact shopping bags
  • Refuse plastic bags
  • Combine products into other bags
  • Buy wood toys and other non – plastic gifts
  • Buy gifts that you know will be used for long time
  • Avoid throw away gifts
  • Send e-cards or have children make cards for gifts
  • Use last years wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon
  • Buy Green, Eco friendly gift bags, ribbon or bows
  • Use fabric gift bags
  • Carpool to the shopping malls
  • Buy family gifts instead of individual gifts
  • Buy gifts that have replacement parts or warranties
  • Buy Energy star products that save energy
  • Buy products made from recycled content or can be recycled
  • Avoid shopping at large franchise stores and shop local businesses
  • Buy quality made over quantity
  • Donate to a charity for a gift
  • Buy Handmade items from local artists / craftsmen
  • Buy Non-toxic , Organic and chemical free products
  • Be aware when shopping the carbon footprint and where the item will go after it’s been used. Can it be re-used.


Every step we take towards cutting down on trash during the holiday season helps cut down the 5 million tons of trash produced each year from Thanksgiving to New Years. Have a safe and enjoyable Green Holiday season! Be Green! Take a look at our online Eco store for many Eco Friendly products!