Sustainablity is it a losing battle?

Sustainability is it a losing battle?  Many people think it is. I often speak to people that buy organic, non-toxic and eco friendly products.  What I hear from many of them is that Sustainability is a losing battle.  The environment is too far gone.  I ask ” why then do you spend so much on Organic and Toxic free products?”   I’m hearing much of the same responses, “It’s better for our bodies, and I worry about my children’s health”

Often times we fall prey to the media, this is another example of that. So much of marketing products is geared towards our most precious in life, our children.  Avoiding toxins and sickness due to chemicals.  Which in the marketing industry works beautifully.  The products sells!  That is the main goal.  It isn’t really saving the environment that gets people on board to buy.

There is some truth to this, the earth doesn’t need saving.  It will survive, I havent heard that climate change would blow up the planet.  The save the earth campaigns lack honesty.  In all honesty, we must save ourselves, our food, or atmosphere so we and other species on the plant will survive.  The campaigns point outward.  Most humans have been so programmed by media and social standards to think of their own health.

Whatever reason you might have for buying Organic, Green, Non-toxic products is a great reason. There is no judgement here.  It all helps contribute to saving ourselves, our future generations, and our ability to survive and thrive on this planet. It all helps climate change!

Every little bit helps!  It’s cliche but true!  It all helps climate change either directly or indirectly.

Being a hardcore activast hasn’t been my thing, it isn’t what I promote as a eco-enthusiast or a eco-business woman.

What we promote at It’s Hip To Be Green® is creating a lifestyle that is healthier, happier, more sustainable for your family, your integrity and your lifestyle.  A postive outlook on being green.  Saving the environment seems like a huge, huge task! To many, it is too overwhelming.

They will do their part to help, as long as, they are not made to feel they are not doing enough.  What excites me as an eco entusist is the new inventions, ideas, diy projects,  creative minds that I read about that so much gets lost in the media under the negative that is being done to the environement.

Keeping entusiastic about being green is what excites people to share, talk about and continue on with what they are doing.  When the bad news is all that is talked about, people feel hopeless.

It is my feeling that the harsh chemicals, unethical, harmful practices be seen and heard, but to have the more positive results just as much in the lime light.

Sustainability isn’t a losing battle, only in our minds do we feel we cannot make drastic enough changes, it is in our minds what the media feeds us, as facts.  What small steps we take now that become a habit, will snowball into greater and more healthier ways.   So, NO! Sustainability is not a losing battle.  Stagnation is the lost cause.  Become a eco entusiast, join the trend.  It’s Hip To Be Green®.








Black Friday can it be Green

The question comes up; Black Friday can it be Green? I think it can be more green.  Certainly it is one of the most wasteful days of the year in the USA. Millions of wasteful products are handed out, thrown away during this busiest shopping day of the year.  Not to mention the carbon dumped into the air by the massive vehicle use sitting in traffic etc.  One might ask, how can Black Friday be Green.  It can be Greener than it is.  Here are a few steps you can take the help Green your Black Friday shopping.

  • Carpool
  • Empty out your trunk ( lighten your load)
  • Take re-usable shopping bags
  • Refuse disposable or marketing materials handed out
  • Buy Eco friendly or Recycled content products
  • Recycle all the bags, paper, cardboard etc.
  • Re-use items or re-invent items you don’t use anymore
  • Donate instead of trashing
  • Shop in one area to avoid excessive driving
  • Buy products that have replacement parts
  • Buy quality made products that will last
  • Buy used if possible, it’s hip and it’s Green!
  • Buy charitable gifts such as a goat for a 3rd world family
  • Shop local and support handcrafted and local made products
  • Buy Organic, eco-friendly products as much as possible
  • Hand make your gifts

So many options when it comes to Greening your Black Friday shopping. It’s endless the small steps you can take to save money and help the environment as much as possible. Help keep the millions of tons of waste out of the landfills by taking steps to lessen your carbon footprint.  Black Friday can be Green! Shop all of our Organic products

Organic Products make a New Year Greener!

The New Year is almost here.  It’s a time of celebration, reflection and resolutions.  Organic products make a New Year Greener, more eco friendly. This time of year, I’m always organizing, throwing out old and making room for new.  Part of being greener is deciding what I can do to make my lifestyle more eco friendly. I eat organic foods, even  grow organic vegetables, but buying organic products also is a great way to lesson your carbon footprint and make your life healthier.  Eco friendly products, if they truly are eco friendly, are less toxic to the environment and depending on the nature of the product less toxic for you, the consumer.  Not all eco friendly products are Organic products. There is a difference.  Take green cleaning products for instance it can be made out of less toxic ingredients, but might not be organic ingredients.  When buying such products as green cleaning products, be sure to know the difference. Organic means no chemicals were used. Eco friendly just means that it has less toxicity or less carbon footprint than mainstream.  Often times in green cleaning products botanical ingredients might be used, but not organic botanical ingredients.  Still, product for product botanical is far better than chemicals, if the choice for organic is not an option.  When shopping for your everyday products, it is always good to know how green a product is, how earth friendly and non-toxic it is, before buying it.  Generally speaking Organic is the purest and best option.

New Year’s resolutions can be fun!  Being greener can be educational, fun and a new, healthier lifestyle for the entire family.  It doesn’t have to be hum drum, it can actually be creative, exciting.  For us, it is exciting learning a new and better way of helping the environment and our family health. Starting with buying Organic Products is a great way to begin.  Once you go Organic, it’s hard to go back to chemicals. It feels good! You can taste, smell and feel the difference of an Organic product versus a chemical equal.  Shop for our full line of products at