Being organized is being Green

Being Organized is Being Green. As a woman with a female brain, I know all too well the feelings of overwhelm when my office or house is a mess. I can’t think straight. It feels like short circuit melt down at times. It effects my day, my mood and my productivity. I tend to be like most mom’s and over-function, work too late, get less sleep and burn the candle at both ends. This doesn’t produce a happy life; it produces a rung out exhausted life. How does organization create a green lifestyle, a healthier environment?

Being organized helps you know more of what you have already, it helps keep things in order so you spend less time finding or doing tasks. This translates into less materials, less energy, less waste and more importantly less of your energy.

Being organized is a green act. I have a re-use/re-purpose pile, which is very helpful, it cuts down on the amount of supplies I have to purchase which saves money . I also use less gas to go to the store to purchase more supplies, which frees up my Mom time, my Me time. It feels good!
Saving time is beneficial to your health and wellbeing, your sanity and happiness. Organization is very important in all aspects of my daily life. It creates more balance and lessens stress, adds more to my bottom line. It creates a sense of relaxation, and manageability.

It’s helpful to check in with yourself on a daily basis and see how stress might be minimized by organization and how being organized causes a ripple effect on your total health. Over-functioning is known to be counter productive. Save yourself and help the environment too, get organized. Being organized is Being Green!

Being Green is more than recycling, re-using and buying green it is a state of being: one that can encompass our inner world as well as our outer world. Having a inner green environment helps my world and our world. It never goes out of style. It’s Hip To Be Green! Being Organized