Being organized is being Green

Being Organized is Being Green. As a woman with a female brain, I know all too well the feelings of overwhelm when my office or house is a mess. I can’t think straight. It feels like short circuit melt down at times. It effects my day, my mood and my productivity. I tend to be like most mom’s and over-function, work too late, get less sleep and burn the candle at both ends. This doesn’t produce a happy life; it produces a rung out exhausted life. How does organization create a green lifestyle, a healthier environment?

Being organized helps you know more of what you have already, it helps keep things in order so you spend less time finding or doing tasks. This translates into less materials, less energy, less waste and more importantly less of your energy.

Being organized is a green act. I have a re-use/re-purpose pile, which is very helpful, it cuts down on the amount of supplies I have to purchase which saves money . I also use less gas to go to the store to purchase more supplies, which frees up my Mom time, my Me time. It feels good!
Saving time is beneficial to your health and wellbeing, your sanity and happiness. Organization is very important in all aspects of my daily life. It creates more balance and lessens stress, adds more to my bottom line. It creates a sense of relaxation, and manageability.

It’s helpful to check in with yourself on a daily basis and see how stress might be minimized by organization and how being organized causes a ripple effect on your total health. Over-functioning is known to be counter productive. Save yourself and help the environment too, get organized. Being organized is Being Green!

Being Green is more than recycling, re-using and buying green it is a state of being: one that can encompass our inner world as well as our outer world. Having a inner green environment helps my world and our world. It never goes out of style. It’s Hip To Be Green! Being Organized

The “Green” Trend

I’ve read a lot of blogs and other “Green’ sites over the years since I’ve been in business (2006). I read their mission statements and ethics. There seems to be a misconception that just because “being Green” is a trend,  a “HIP” thing to do that, that seems to negate the real commitment someone has to the environmental causes. I disagree wholeheartedly!

Looking back at history you will find so many things that are now a “habit” for us all and have even become a “necessity” to us in society now that once began as a “trend”. Sometimes things have to become a trend, a Hip thing to do before the masses will follow and it then becomes a habit. Just because being Green is hip now, doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessity as well. This is why when I promote my site I state that” being green is a hip and necessary thing to do!”  This is how I came up with my trademark. It’s Hip To Be Green because of this need for being green to spread as a trend and then become a habit for society. Some trends do come and go. That doesn’t mean that they all do. I don’t feel it has to be one or the other it can be both. Green trend becomes a Green lifestyle, a Green habit and most importantly a Green mentality!

Becoming Green is not only Hip and a necessary, it also is fun, educational, inventive and thrifty as well.  There is so much that encompasses the Green movement!  Hopefully we all can agree – it is that we get there that matters  most. It really is Hip To Be Green!


Mothers all over the world making a difference

Mothers all over the world making a difference

September 30, 2010
| by itshiptobegreen

This year has been a difficult one in many ways.  It has been a year of economic changes, challenges and discord among the parties.  It has been a year of devastation to many due to the Gulf Oil Spill and the many lives it has effected or killed; human, plant and animal.  It has been a year of record heat in some areas and devastating cold and flooding in others.  One thing I’ve noticed about myself and other Mothers around the world,  we are getting more outspoken about our children’s health and future on this planet.  I feel a deep passion within me, that just has to speak out, about the issues that have been procrastinated to the point of ridiculous proportions and do something about it.  It saddens me that all this procrastination on laws being hung up in government quick sand just may cause us to not make the changes in time to prevent major irreversible climate devastation..  I see it everywhere, Mom’s taking the stance to do something to make some kind of noise loud enough to be heard.  Some have radio talk shows, some t.v shows, some blogs and some get into government and me, I write letters to the White House, my local and state government.  This is the time that women around the world feel compelled to stand up and be heard.  For so many centuries women had the back seat, and then the passengers seat in matters such as this.  I’ve seen decades go by where women’s rights have been fought for and won. I’ve seen women get stronger and more powerful over the years. Still we have not been heard enough and haven’t stood up and said ” I’m not going to let you ignore me”, but now we are!  But, this isn’t a battle over women’s rights this is a fight for our children’s future. This is a great time for women all over the world to unite and say ” I want to see change now so that my children will have a future!”. One thing about Mom’s, we will fight for our children’s safety. Now is the time. I hope that the clean energy bills will be passed and I hope that everyone goes out and votes this November, this is a very important election.  Vote for the change that we need to get the world cleaner air and safer food for everyone, but especially for our children.

Women are responsible for 85% of the purchases made in households. With that much buying power we have the ability to make changes based on our purchases.  This is why, as a Mom, what we buy for our children and our families has a huge impact on the changes that occur in the marketplace.  By buying Green, Non-toxic, chemical free products, we are speaking out with our buying power and the manufacturers are following suit.  We can also call manufacturers and tell them we want Greener products.  Ask them why they are not producing a more eco friendly product.  I have called manufacturers to tell them they need to offer replacement parts , use Greener plastics and I’ve written HP and told them they could do better in the Green department.  If a company gets enough calls they will listen.

On the other side of purchasing, Women also have power by refusing non essential items when purchasing.  I refuse plastic bags ( and they really try hard to get me to take one), I refuse plastic eating utensils, I refuse plastic toys at fast food restaurants, and I refuse to have my bed sheets changed everyday when I travel.  Mom’s, we have the power to make a huge difference in our children’s lives now and in the future.  Let’s take advantage of the power and be heard!


Using What is in Abundance

Using what is in abundance

August 26, 2010
| by itshiptobegreen

Riding down a sunny road the other day I passed this huge patch of Kudzu and it made me think about all the great products that are coming out of Kudzu nowadays.  We can eat it, make baskets from it, make paper from it, use it for medicine and so much more.  Bamboo is much like Kudzu in its usefulness and that it is as invasive and grows at the same rapid rate.  Weeds also considered invasive, are becoming more popular as people begin to see the beneficial benefits of weeds for eating  or  for medicinal uses.  So, as usual, my mind keeps rolling around ideas and I just couldn’t keep from wondering how things might be different , on this planet, if we had chosen to use the natural resources we have that grows the fastest and most abundantly instead of using the resources that take decades to grow.  We spend so much money and effort on developing chemicals that will kill invasive plants, chemicals that turn our soil toxic, it seems like if we could take advantage of the invasive plants we would be saving the environment and our own health as well as contain invasive plants.

One of the most widely used herbicides is Atrazine and it is estimated that 76 million pounds of this chemical is used each year on crops such as corn in the US each year.  This chemical has been found in our rivers, streams and drinking water.  There is much debate over the its link to cancer, birth defects, and hormonal imbalance.   It has been reported that higher than federally allowable levels have been found in drinking water in several US States and the EPA has not warmed the public of this health hazard.

So, next time you reach for the weed killer, remember that there is no such thing as an un-useful plant, weeds are just plants we don’t understand their benefit and usefulness. There is a useful purpose for every living thing on this planet and in our attempts to discard the undesirable, we have caused havoc on our planet and our own environment.

If I need to get rid of a “weed”  I use boiling water or pull it.  I’ve taken a different perspective on weeds… they’re now just part of my yard and I don’t feel the compulsion to run out and get weed killer anymore. Hopefully one day we will change our perspective on the usefulness of natural resources and begin to work with nature instead of against it, and use the most abundant ones instead of the resources that are the most difficult to replace. As a mother, I not only care about the environment now, but also for the future for my children.  I feel that being a Green Mom isn’t just keeping toxins out of your children’s food and environment, it is taking proactive steps towards a more peaceful, clean and thriving planet.

Instant World

Isn’t it the instant, faster, easier, disposable frame of mind that has gotten us in the climate change issue to begin with.  “I need it now” “How fast can I get it?” The instant gratification addiction? Instead of eating food in season we want them year round so we modify them to grow longer seasons, we want our mail faster so we air ship it.  We want to fly faster so we have the concord- Just thinking about how things have evolved into a more instant world- we have instant oatmeal! and instant mashed potatoes, instant coffee, instant homes and instant messaging.. Mom’s are over extended so they are always looking to find more quick ways of cleaning, cooking managing time – I’m in this myself always wanting to find a quicker way to prepare food so that I can handle the huge amount on my list to do.  Spending time with my children is very important so I try to find ways to make things easier and faster.  I do wonder sometimes what all this is teaching my children the fast paced instant world.  How it all has greatly affected the climate change.  One might argue which came first the need or the ability? Seems to me though that there must be a way to balance and create in a way that isn’t so damaging to our health and well being on this planet.  Stepping back and making less hasty decisions has greatly improved our lifestyle in our family.

Out of the mouths of babes!

My almost 5 year old ask me “why people throw trash out on the earth?” I said well mostly because they are lazy and don’t want to put it in the trash. She didn’t understand the concept of littering. I think that may be due to the fact that we live a Green way of life at home as much as possible. It could just be her curiosity and the non logic of it all. To her trash goes where trash goes in the trash can. We were sitting in a parking lot eating our lunch one day and a guy just finished his soda and threw it down on the ground as if it were just part of life. I’ve just been so accustomed to not littering for so very long I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t say anything to my daughter, just noticed his apathetic attitude. It does seem at times as though we as a species are slow to catch on and make changes that are necessary and essential. I do believe that the next generation will have a huge task ahead of them. Children learn what they live and going green is more important than ever so they can have a future.

Raising “Green” Children

I created my site so that parents could find quality “Green” products for their children. Raising Environmentally aware children can be a challenge. Children have so many factors to overcome when it comes to seeing so much of society waste , so many products that aren’t Green, peer pressure and pressure from the media. Parents certainly have their work cut out for them overcoming all of this and teaching their children to live Green. Our site is a way for the entire family to be Green – it is our philosophy that children learn what they live and what better way to help the Environment than by living Green in as many ways as possible

Bamboo is one of my favorite things!

Bamboo is one of my favorite things! I love to wear it, see it out in nature, eat it , I use it to deodorize my home, build a fence with it, you name it, I love it! It is an amazing plant. Bamboo produces more oxygen and eats more co2 than trees. How can we lose by planting more bamboo. Of course I do hear that some are cutting down trees to plant bamboo, not a good idea. What if we planted Bamboo on the sides of highways in city parks, areas where trees are not able to grow. What if we planted a tree and bamboo. I know bamboo is a weed/grass and can over take an area very aggressively , but there are ways to control it; and there are many many species of bamboo, some of which are not so invasive. If we just educate ourselves and utilize the wonderful natural resources we have to lessen our effects on global warming we can make baby steps forward until a big step is possible