Bamboo is one of my favorite things!

Bamboo is one of my favorite things! I love to wear it, see it out in nature, eat it , I use it to deodorize my home, build a fence with it, you name it, I love it! It is an amazing plant. Bamboo produces more oxygen and eats more co2 than trees. How can we lose by planting more bamboo. Of course I do hear that some are cutting down trees to plant bamboo, not a good idea. What if we planted Bamboo on the sides of highways in city parks, areas where trees are not able to grow. What if we planted a tree and bamboo. I know bamboo is a weed/grass and can over take an area very aggressively , but there are ways to control it; and there are many many species of bamboo, some of which are not so invasive. If we just educate ourselves and utilize the wonderful natural resources we have to lessen our effects on global warming we can make baby steps forward until a big step is possible