The “Green” Trend

I’ve read a lot of blogs and other “Green’ sites over the years since I’ve been in business (2006). I read their mission statements and ethics. There seems to be a misconception that just because “being Green” is a trend,  a “HIP” thing to do that, that seems to negate the real commitment someone has to the environmental causes. I disagree wholeheartedly!

Looking back at history you will find so many things that are now a “habit” for us all and have even become a “necessity” to us in society now that once began as a “trend”. Sometimes things have to become a trend, a Hip thing to do before the masses will follow and it then becomes a habit. Just because being Green is hip now, doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessity as well. This is why when I promote my site I state that” being green is a hip and necessary thing to do!”  This is how I came up with my trademark. It’s Hip To Be Green because of this need for being green to spread as a trend and then become a habit for society. Some trends do come and go. That doesn’t mean that they all do. I don’t feel it has to be one or the other it can be both. Green trend becomes a Green lifestyle, a Green habit and most importantly a Green mentality!

Becoming Green is not only Hip and a necessary, it also is fun, educational, inventive and thrifty as well.  There is so much that encompasses the Green movement!  Hopefully we all can agree – it is that we get there that matters  most. It really is Hip To Be Green!


Out of the mouths of babes!

My almost 5 year old ask me “why people throw trash out on the earth?” I said well mostly because they are lazy and don’t want to put it in the trash. She didn’t understand the concept of littering. I think that may be due to the fact that we live a Green way of life at home as much as possible. It could just be her curiosity and the non logic of it all. To her trash goes where trash goes in the trash can. We were sitting in a parking lot eating our lunch one day and a guy just finished his soda and threw it down on the ground as if it were just part of life. I’ve just been so accustomed to not littering for so very long I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t say anything to my daughter, just noticed his apathetic attitude. It does seem at times as though we as a species are slow to catch on and make changes that are necessary and essential. I do believe that the next generation will have a huge task ahead of them. Children learn what they live and going green is more important than ever so they can have a future.

Green Electronics

More and more electronics companies are becoming Greener. Recently I saw a T.V ad for a Green television. I purchased a Green phone which had no toxic chemicals like lead or mercury, the packaging was 30% less than usual and no Styrofoam inside. Calling this a Green phone is stretching it but it is however more Green than others on the market and certainly shows an effort by the electronic company. The definition Green is widely used and until a certified Green label is on the market to show it is a true Green product consumers will have to be the detectives and look into it themselves before purchasing. Still it shows a definite trend into a Greener world of electronics. They now have bamboo hard drives and bamboo laptops who would have thunk it!

Bamboo is one of my favorite things!

Bamboo is one of my favorite things! I love to wear it, see it out in nature, eat it , I use it to deodorize my home, build a fence with it, you name it, I love it! It is an amazing plant. Bamboo produces more oxygen and eats more co2 than trees. How can we lose by planting more bamboo. Of course I do hear that some are cutting down trees to plant bamboo, not a good idea. What if we planted Bamboo on the sides of highways in city parks, areas where trees are not able to grow. What if we planted a tree and bamboo. I know bamboo is a weed/grass and can over take an area very aggressively , but there are ways to control it; and there are many many species of bamboo, some of which are not so invasive. If we just educate ourselves and utilize the wonderful natural resources we have to lessen our effects on global warming we can make baby steps forward until a big step is possible