Sustainablity is it a losing battle?

Sustainability is it a losing battle?  Many people think it is. I often speak to people that buy organic, non-toxic and eco friendly products.  What I hear from many of them is that Sustainability is a losing battle.  The environment is too far gone.  I ask ” why then do you spend so much on Organic and Toxic free products?”   I’m hearing much of the same responses, “It’s better for our bodies, and I worry about my children’s health”

Often times we fall prey to the media, this is another example of that. So much of marketing products is geared towards our most precious in life, our children.  Avoiding toxins and sickness due to chemicals.  Which in the marketing industry works beautifully.  The products sells!  That is the main goal.  It isn’t really saving the environment that gets people on board to buy.

There is some truth to this, the earth doesn’t need saving.  It will survive, I havent heard that climate change would blow up the planet.  The save the earth campaigns lack honesty.  In all honesty, we must save ourselves, our food, or atmosphere so we and other species on the plant will survive.  The campaigns point outward.  Most humans have been so programmed by media and social standards to think of their own health.

Whatever reason you might have for buying Organic, Green, Non-toxic products is a great reason. There is no judgement here.  It all helps contribute to saving ourselves, our future generations, and our ability to survive and thrive on this planet. It all helps climate change!

Every little bit helps!  It’s cliche but true!  It all helps climate change either directly or indirectly.

Being a hardcore activast hasn’t been my thing, it isn’t what I promote as a eco-enthusiast or a eco-business woman.

What we promote at It’s Hip To Be Green® is creating a lifestyle that is healthier, happier, more sustainable for your family, your integrity and your lifestyle.  A postive outlook on being green.  Saving the environment seems like a huge, huge task! To many, it is too overwhelming.

They will do their part to help, as long as, they are not made to feel they are not doing enough.  What excites me as an eco entusist is the new inventions, ideas, diy projects,  creative minds that I read about that so much gets lost in the media under the negative that is being done to the environement.

Keeping entusiastic about being green is what excites people to share, talk about and continue on with what they are doing.  When the bad news is all that is talked about, people feel hopeless.

It is my feeling that the harsh chemicals, unethical, harmful practices be seen and heard, but to have the more positive results just as much in the lime light.

Sustainability isn’t a losing battle, only in our minds do we feel we cannot make drastic enough changes, it is in our minds what the media feeds us, as facts.  What small steps we take now that become a habit, will snowball into greater and more healthier ways.   So, NO! Sustainability is not a losing battle.  Stagnation is the lost cause.  Become a eco entusiast, join the trend.  It’s Hip To Be Green®.








The “Green” Trend

I’ve read a lot of blogs and other “Green’ sites over the years since I’ve been in business (2006). I read their mission statements and ethics. There seems to be a misconception that just because “being Green” is a trend,  a “HIP” thing to do that, that seems to negate the real commitment someone has to the environmental causes. I disagree wholeheartedly!

Looking back at history you will find so many things that are now a “habit” for us all and have even become a “necessity” to us in society now that once began as a “trend”. Sometimes things have to become a trend, a Hip thing to do before the masses will follow and it then becomes a habit. Just because being Green is hip now, doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessity as well. This is why when I promote my site I state that” being green is a hip and necessary thing to do!”  This is how I came up with my trademark. It’s Hip To Be Green because of this need for being green to spread as a trend and then become a habit for society. Some trends do come and go. That doesn’t mean that they all do. I don’t feel it has to be one or the other it can be both. Green trend becomes a Green lifestyle, a Green habit and most importantly a Green mentality!

Becoming Green is not only Hip and a necessary, it also is fun, educational, inventive and thrifty as well.  There is so much that encompasses the Green movement!  Hopefully we all can agree – it is that we get there that matters  most. It really is Hip To Be Green!