Eco New Year!

As this year comes to an end, we think about all the wonderful happenings of the year, and also some of the not so wonderful happenings of the year. It is a time of reflection and a time of resolution.  This year in particular has been such an amazing year of history making all over the world.  It is a unforgettable year for some.  It has also been a year of heartache and disaster, homelessness and joblessness.   Certainly for me it has been a year of taking notes about the situation this country is in, where it needs to go, to better serve the 99%, and how to take part in turning this country into a country for all.

It continues to sadden me the amount of people that feel that global warming is the reason for being Green and that there is still  a possibility of not existing.  I read it on blogs and see it in the general public – the disbelief.   The feeling that “Green People” are on a lost quest into nowhere.  I do believe that Global Warming is happening because I see it… now 54 degrees the day after Christmas and my tulips are starting to pop up in December.  I see the trees blooming in Winter instead of spring…. However, as I continue on my quest to bring awareness to people, Global warming is not all what it is about.

Even if we wake up tomorrow and  a scientist confirms beyond a doubt that Global Warming is not occurring, would I be angry, NO absolutely not.  All this Green movement would not be in vain.  The Green movement will still be very necessary.

Here is why:  We have massive oil spills in our oceans that is causing tremendous damage,  we have air pollution that is causing lung disease and birth defects, allergies and asthma related issues,  We have literately tons of trash mounding up in our land, so much so that we are running out of places to put it.  We have millions of homeless people, starving people around the world, without clothing, heat and necessities of life.  We have toxic drinking water.  The single most important issue on this planet is water, which besides air is the thing we cannot live without.  We have people in this world living in sewage infested areas with disease.  All this gives me every reason to fight for a cause I’m so passionately aware of, this world needs to be cleaner, healthier and more abundant for ALL it’s inhabitants. not just the 1%.

Whatever your political views are, you cannot be blind to the scarcity of food on this planet in certain areas of the world, the massive waste our own country as well as other countries, the massive people without healthcare, homes and even clothing.  You cannot be blind to the toxic air ( massive pollution you see above your heads clouding the cities) and you cannot be blind to the Oil spills and trash in our Oceans, unless you just want to not see it.

Again, I must say that Being Green is a Hip and Very Necessary thing to do! It isn’t about some trend that will pass, or a new wave of protests that eventually disappear, this is our future and our children’s future we are fighting for.  It is so that our consumerism doesn’t pollute the world to the point global disaster.

Whatever the blockage is for you about going green, it will be far more of an inconvenience to live in a world that is far more uninhabitable.   I’m in awe of this amazing planet we call home, rather than pack up and head for another planet once we’ve disposed of this one, why not make small changes that will help regenerate this world and we can enjoy it as a thriving planet, not a disposable planet.   I know some people really feel that is far reached.  Actually it might not happen in your life time, but most likely in your children’s or grand children’s  life time.  It is a possibility, if we don’t begin our journey now.  Changes on this massive scale take time, and it won’t be an over night healing process, but we can begin to shift our destructive ways into more sustainable, proactive and humane ways of living.  Where all life on this planet is cared for, thriving and treated with respect.

It is my hopes for the coming year, that people take a long look at the actions that they are causing on this planet and the effect it is having on the world as a whole, instead of the mentality of instant gratification and a disposable world, or one of apathy  and denial.

Whatever steps you take towards a cleaner, healthier world will be of tremendous benefit to the world as a whole.  Make this new year a Eco New Year! Not for Climate Change /Global warming, but for cleaner air, cleaner water, healthier children and cleaner oceans, rivers and soil.  To support the 99% of this world from living in conditions that are unnecessary and unfair to the working class and the poor.   Support a true democracy in this country, one that stands of the premise of our founding fathers for equal opportunity for all man. Instead of one for corporate greed and control.  Let’s work for a cooperative, true democracy in this country.  Here is to a more prosperous and healthy new year in 2012!  Happy New Year!









How Green is it?

Today was speaking to a lady that had a light bulb in her hand.  It was a CFL blub.  I ask her if she likes the CFL’s because they are very popular now.  She said “not really they save energy but” … I said “they have mercury in them”… she said “Yes!  I need to dispose of this one.”  I said “Yes it is funny how some Green products have a non green aspect to them”.  Though CFL’s are Green in the way that they save lots of energy, they can be toxic to the person or environment.  LED’s, I told her, will soon be more in the mass market and affordable.  The term Greenwashing came up.

As we move into another year and another presidential election, food for thought is: How Green is it?  Greenwashing has been a common term used the past several years.  It is important to know if it is indeed Greenwashing or just the technology as far as we have it, up til now. Though controversial CFL’s have saved people money and energy use, they have been the topic of much debate, but now that LED”s are coming into the market, the technology has been made much more Green.  For me when shopping, that is an easy choice, buy the Greenest most non-toxic environmentally friendly product, I can.  As most American’s, that is all we can do.

Greenwashing is a term used to describe  a company is portraying themselves as Green while behind the scenes doing something detrimental to the environment, or marketing a product that claims it is more Green than it is. It’s a gray area for sure, but worth understanding.  If we have only gotten so far in our technology then a product is as Green as it can be until technology progresses to being more Green. Taking into consideration a number of factors.  Saying solar panels is Greenwashing is extreme in that technology  is the best it can be to that point. However, dumping toxic chemicals in a river after producing a Green product would be Greenwashing.  Producing energy by way of landfill is a great way to be Green, but if the products they are producing are toxic cleaning products that cause health issues in people that use them; and the manufacturer labels them Green because they were produced using Green energy, that is Greenwashing most especially since that manufacturer can use non-toxic alternatives to the toxic ones it chooses.  (has nothing to do with lack of technology) Some of the products that I sell are not 100% Organic and the manufacturer is open and honest about why it is, that is not Greenwashing.  Being transparent is of utmost importance so that people can make a informed decision. Know what’s in the products you buy. Hidden ingredients and behind the scene toxic coverups is not being transparent.

In 2002, during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, the Greenwashing Academy hosted the Greenwash Academy Awards. The ceremony awarded companies like BP, ExxonMobil, and even the US Government for their elaborate greenwashing ads and support for greenwashing.Wikipedia


When choosing products that are Green, be aware that things aren’t always the way they are advertised to be. Read labels not just the elaborate markings on the label and know how to spot toxic chemicals.  It takes time to check them out, but once you know if they are indeed Green you can purchase with confidence.  I find it much easier to check the products out than to suffer the reactions my body has using so called Green products ( such as cleaning products).  The benefits outweigh the time used for research.

As a consumer we have the power to make a difference in the marketing and manufacturing of future products.  Every purchase we make is a statement to corporations.  The Occupy Wall Street movement across the globe, is also a strong statement to corporations. The choices they make to control with financial investments, in not only the government, via presidential donations, but the fact that they also contribute, through lobbying, is slowing down the progress of technology that can make this a Greener, Healthier, Fair wage and equal opportunity planet for everyone.

So, when your buying products take into consideration that vast impact your purchase can make.  The impact that product has on your health, your well being, the country you live in and the planet as a whole.  You may think your minor purchase can’t make that big of a difference, but if you multiply that by millions of people then it is a huge impact on the world.

Living sustainably has never been more important as we step into the next generation of world leaders.  It has been an amazing year watching masses of people who have finally had enough speak out and cause a massive Wave across the world.  Let’s end Greenwashing, corporate lobbying and work together to end a toxic  unfair world that only caters to the 1%.  We the 99% can make  a difference!







The “Green” Trend

I’ve read a lot of blogs and other “Green’ sites over the years since I’ve been in business (2006). I read their mission statements and ethics. There seems to be a misconception that just because “being Green” is a trend,  a “HIP” thing to do that, that seems to negate the real commitment someone has to the environmental causes. I disagree wholeheartedly!

Looking back at history you will find so many things that are now a “habit” for us all and have even become a “necessity” to us in society now that once began as a “trend”. Sometimes things have to become a trend, a Hip thing to do before the masses will follow and it then becomes a habit. Just because being Green is hip now, doesn’t mean it isn’t a necessity as well. This is why when I promote my site I state that” being green is a hip and necessary thing to do!”  This is how I came up with my trademark. It’s Hip To Be Green because of this need for being green to spread as a trend and then become a habit for society. Some trends do come and go. That doesn’t mean that they all do. I don’t feel it has to be one or the other it can be both. Green trend becomes a Green lifestyle, a Green habit and most importantly a Green mentality!

Becoming Green is not only Hip and a necessary, it also is fun, educational, inventive and thrifty as well.  There is so much that encompasses the Green movement!  Hopefully we all can agree – it is that we get there that matters  most. It really is Hip To Be Green!


Earth Hour

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million people and 2,000 plus businesses turned their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. One year later Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with over 50 million people across 35 countries/territories joining in. Participating in the event was Sydney Harbor Bridge, CN Tower in Toronto, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum. As they all stood in darkness it signified the hope for a cause that has continued to be crucial to us all.


March 2009, hundreds of millions of people and  businesses took part in Earth Hour. Over 4000 cities in 88 countries/territories officially switched off to show their commitment, their support for the cause making Earth Hour 2009 the largest global climate change initiative thus far.

As each year the participation has grown, March 2010 Earth Hour became the largest Earth Hour ever. Some 128 countries and territories joined the global participation of climate action. Iconic landmarks  from Asia, Europe, Africa to the Americas all switched off. People across the world from all walks of life turned off their lights and joined in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common, a commitment to the survival of this planet.

Earth Hour 2011 is March 26th is this weekend at 8:30 ( local time). Lets go beyond the hour and take action to further your commitment to climate change.  It is a time that I look forward to.  A time to reflect and take notice of the amount of lifestyle changes that would occur if we didn’t have electricity. It is a time to come together as a whole and make a huge impact as a proactive and concerned citizen.  It is a time to relax and do something out of the norm.  Play games , have a romantic  dinner, read or talk to someone close to you by candlelight.  It can be a time to stop the stressful pace of life and just rest and recover for one evening.  I haven’t decided what I will do for Earth Hour yet, but thinking that maybe lying on the hammock looking at the stars might be a wonderful change from my routine.  The options are endless even without power.  It is a time for us all to connect on a level of love for the earth, nature and ourselves and not get caught up in the addiction to electricity.

For decades children have  had an  addiction to technology which requires in most cases electricity.  They haven’t known anything else.  In there minds ( depending what country they live)  electricity is a never ending always available resource and I’m not sure that most children even know that it is also a luxury that some areas of the world still to this day, don’t have access .  Earth Hour can be a time to educate your children on the impact that electricity has on the environment and our lives and the price we have to pay for it.  Not only in dollar amount, but also in the lives of the people who work to keep it available to us.  The amount of natural resources it takes to have electricity in your city, and how that electricity is made in your area.  Does your city have solar or wind turbines to help with the demand for energy? Does your city use other natural resources like water or coal?  Does your city use nuclear energy? As we all read about the tragedy of Japan and the nuclear plant, lets all remember the immense impact that nuclear plants have on, not only the local people of Japan, but the world as a whole.  Are we willing to continue with this risk for the sake of creating energy or work to find cleaner and healthier ways to supply our need for energy.  It can be very educational and interesting for parents and children to take the time to learn how they get electricity into the outlets that we plug our toys,computers, appliances and t.v into.

This Saturday at Earth hour take the opportunity to make commitments to go beyond the hour and make a difference. If we all work together to cut our usage down we can make a huge impact on the world. If you have an event or would like to create one go to Meet and list your event.

Take the time to turn off your lights and make a huge impact on the world!  It can be fun!






A New Year – A New Attitude

I came up with my trademark “It’s Hip To Be Green” because Green to me is a state of mind.  It is a new movement that hopefully isn’t a fad, but even if it is a fad, a trend, doesn’t mean it can’t become a new attitude for the new year.  Green is growing and becoming more aware of what is beneficial to us all.  As the news continue to report the challenges of the politicians debating over Global Warming, Clean Energy and health care, and now the shooting, it draws me back into the meaning of being Green!  Sure, recycling, re-using and reducing are all very important issues, but what about our feeling and attitude towards others and the acceptance of the differences in this country and the world.  Really what makes the Green movement so viral is the compassion and commitment to the planet as a whole, not just one part of it.   Green is a state of being!  A new year is here and so many of the T.V shows are talking about making this new year a better year.  While making those new Green Resolutions think about Green as a way of life a state of being.  One that works with the harmony of nature and the cycles of the planet.  Making more green house gasses only to then have to create a weather machine to control the damage seems to be moving out of the Green way of life and more into the controlling nature just to be able to continue our old habits of polluting the planet and destroying the natural flow of life.  Its all well and great to do the 3 r’s but the major issues on this planet will take far more than the just the 3 r’s.  It will take changing our old attitude and having a new attitude of live and let live, of being aware of what is going on in the world.  Seeing the hunger, the homelessness, the species of animals dying, the neighbor that is cold and jobless.  It becomes a eye opening experience to step outside of our need to only take care of “me” and becomes a taking care of “us” mentality.

Lets worry less about what we want to  have and more about what we have!  We have an amazing planet and amazing wildlife and amazing people and cultures on this earth that is worth preserving, worth protecting.  When I see groups of people trying to prove Global Warming isn’t happening, I want to ask them this huge question ” There is  toxic water and toxic air,  homelessness and hunger, and why are we only focusing on one of the issues?” Can’t we just agree to disagree and work on the matter that we feel is most important to us. Because shooting people or even posting targets at people that don’t agree with us is just causing the major issues of the world to go untreated. It is a waste of precious time.  How many people died today from hunger while you are busy debating if Global Warming is real or not…

We teach our children to accept others as they are, we teach them to get along in school and in play, but somewhere along our growing up we lose site of this and only want to prove that our beliefs are right.  We target others that don’t believe as we do and we aren’t practicing what we are teaching our children.  A New Year a New Attitude  a Greener Attitude!

Mothers all over the world making a difference

Mothers all over the world making a difference

September 30, 2010
| by itshiptobegreen

This year has been a difficult one in many ways.  It has been a year of economic changes, challenges and discord among the parties.  It has been a year of devastation to many due to the Gulf Oil Spill and the many lives it has effected or killed; human, plant and animal.  It has been a year of record heat in some areas and devastating cold and flooding in others.  One thing I’ve noticed about myself and other Mothers around the world,  we are getting more outspoken about our children’s health and future on this planet.  I feel a deep passion within me, that just has to speak out, about the issues that have been procrastinated to the point of ridiculous proportions and do something about it.  It saddens me that all this procrastination on laws being hung up in government quick sand just may cause us to not make the changes in time to prevent major irreversible climate devastation..  I see it everywhere, Mom’s taking the stance to do something to make some kind of noise loud enough to be heard.  Some have radio talk shows, some t.v shows, some blogs and some get into government and me, I write letters to the White House, my local and state government.  This is the time that women around the world feel compelled to stand up and be heard.  For so many centuries women had the back seat, and then the passengers seat in matters such as this.  I’ve seen decades go by where women’s rights have been fought for and won. I’ve seen women get stronger and more powerful over the years. Still we have not been heard enough and haven’t stood up and said ” I’m not going to let you ignore me”, but now we are!  But, this isn’t a battle over women’s rights this is a fight for our children’s future. This is a great time for women all over the world to unite and say ” I want to see change now so that my children will have a future!”. One thing about Mom’s, we will fight for our children’s safety. Now is the time. I hope that the clean energy bills will be passed and I hope that everyone goes out and votes this November, this is a very important election.  Vote for the change that we need to get the world cleaner air and safer food for everyone, but especially for our children.

Women are responsible for 85% of the purchases made in households. With that much buying power we have the ability to make changes based on our purchases.  This is why, as a Mom, what we buy for our children and our families has a huge impact on the changes that occur in the marketplace.  By buying Green, Non-toxic, chemical free products, we are speaking out with our buying power and the manufacturers are following suit.  We can also call manufacturers and tell them we want Greener products.  Ask them why they are not producing a more eco friendly product.  I have called manufacturers to tell them they need to offer replacement parts , use Greener plastics and I’ve written HP and told them they could do better in the Green department.  If a company gets enough calls they will listen.

On the other side of purchasing, Women also have power by refusing non essential items when purchasing.  I refuse plastic bags ( and they really try hard to get me to take one), I refuse plastic eating utensils, I refuse plastic toys at fast food restaurants, and I refuse to have my bed sheets changed everyday when I travel.  Mom’s, we have the power to make a huge difference in our children’s lives now and in the future.  Let’s take advantage of the power and be heard!