A New Year – A New Attitude

I came up with my trademark “It’s Hip To Be Green” because Green to me is a state of mind.  It is a new movement that hopefully isn’t a fad, but even if it is a fad, a trend, doesn’t mean it can’t become a new attitude for the new year.  Green is growing and becoming more aware of what is beneficial to us all.  As the news continue to report the challenges of the politicians debating over Global Warming, Clean Energy and health care, and now the shooting, it draws me back into the meaning of being Green!  Sure, recycling, re-using and reducing are all very important issues, but what about our feeling and attitude towards others and the acceptance of the differences in this country and the world.  Really what makes the Green movement so viral is the compassion and commitment to the planet as a whole, not just one part of it.   Green is a state of being!  A new year is here and so many of the T.V shows are talking about making this new year a better year.  While making those new Green Resolutions think about Green as a way of life a state of being.  One that works with the harmony of nature and the cycles of the planet.  Making more green house gasses only to then have to create a weather machine to control the damage seems to be moving out of the Green way of life and more into the controlling nature just to be able to continue our old habits of polluting the planet and destroying the natural flow of life.  Its all well and great to do the 3 r’s but the major issues on this planet will take far more than the just the 3 r’s.  It will take changing our old attitude and having a new attitude of live and let live, of being aware of what is going on in the world.  Seeing the hunger, the homelessness, the species of animals dying, the neighbor that is cold and jobless.  It becomes a eye opening experience to step outside of our need to only take care of “me” and becomes a taking care of “us” mentality.

Lets worry less about what we want to  have and more about what we have!  We have an amazing planet and amazing wildlife and amazing people and cultures on this earth that is worth preserving, worth protecting.  When I see groups of people trying to prove Global Warming isn’t happening, I want to ask them this huge question ” There is  toxic water and toxic air,  homelessness and hunger, and why are we only focusing on one of the issues?” Can’t we just agree to disagree and work on the matter that we feel is most important to us. Because shooting people or even posting targets at people that don’t agree with us is just causing the major issues of the world to go untreated. It is a waste of precious time.  How many people died today from hunger while you are busy debating if Global Warming is real or not…

We teach our children to accept others as they are, we teach them to get along in school and in play, but somewhere along our growing up we lose site of this and only want to prove that our beliefs are right.  We target others that don’t believe as we do and we aren’t practicing what we are teaching our children.  A New Year a New Attitude  a Greener Attitude!