After the Holidays are over-How to be Green!

Trees are decorated, gifts are wrapped and holiday plans made, shew glad that is done. But what do you do with all the waste when its done?  In the past we just gathered it all up and tossed it in the garbage, not even giving a thought to what happens next.  Out of site out of mind… so the saying goes. Yet decades have gone by with that mindset and where has it gotten us?  To the place where we are now with too much waste –  mounds of trash and toxic air and water.  So what can you do to reduce this impact on the planet and still enjoy your holidays? Changing habits isn’t easy but it can be fun!  After awhile you will find that it isn’t so much a hassle anymore, it will just become your new habit. Here are some great suggestions on what to do when the holidays are over:

  • Re-use wrapping papers and gift bags and bows if you can, if not recycle them
  • Use cardboard boxes for kids to be creative with and make pretend toys
  • Recycle cardboard boxes or save to use for storage
  • Recycle your live Christmas Tree by mulching it or setting out for the city to mulch- let it compost on it’s own – wild animals love it
  • Recycle plastic bags or re-use them – some people make decorations from them
  • Clean out old items clothing, coats, toys and gift them to Goodwill or Freecycle
  • Re-gift  it is the Eco thing to do!  It’s hip to be green so go for it
  • Compost your uneaten food and scraps.  Remember to eat leftovers- it saves money and the environment
  • Re-use decorations, ornaments, trimmings
  • Donate the packing peanuts to the nearby UPS Store they like them
  • Donate used Holiday cards to your local school or daycare- they make crafts from them next season
  • Save un-savable gift wrap and bows for your home craft projects, it save on buying them later – kids love it!

It is estimated that 3 Million tons of waste is created during the holiday season- that’s a lot of trash. The Religious Holiday season is the most wasteful time of the year and even more of a reason to begin with new habits of disposing of waste. This is the time of year most people put recycling on hold – and also a time when it is needed more than ever!  It really can be fun and educational and a great way to teach your children how to be Green. Even the little steps we make will add up if we all take action. Happy Holidays!