Instant World

Isn’t it the instant, faster, easier, disposable frame of mind that has gotten us in the climate change issue to begin with.  “I need it now” “How fast can I get it?” The instant gratification addiction? Instead of eating food in season we want them year round so we modify them to grow longer seasons, we want our mail faster so we air ship it.  We want to fly faster so we have the concord- Just thinking about how things have evolved into a more instant world- we have instant oatmeal! and instant mashed potatoes, instant coffee, instant homes and instant messaging.. Mom’s are over extended so they are always looking to find more quick ways of cleaning, cooking managing time – I’m in this myself always wanting to find a quicker way to prepare food so that I can handle the huge amount on my list to do.  Spending time with my children is very important so I try to find ways to make things easier and faster.  I do wonder sometimes what all this is teaching my children the fast paced instant world.  How it all has greatly affected the climate change.  One might argue which came first the need or the ability? Seems to me though that there must be a way to balance and create in a way that isn’t so damaging to our health and well being on this planet.  Stepping back and making less hasty decisions has greatly improved our lifestyle in our family.