Dating & Relationship Expert Rori Raye is Green!

Dating & Relationship Expert Rori Raye is Green! I’m so pleased to get another opportunity to write about someone I greatly respect. Rori Raye is a entrepreneur and relationship expert. She has the keys to many of the inside ways to feel your way to a lasting connection with yourself and your partner. She calls it the Modern Siren.

I’ve had the pleasure of working the Rori Raye tools and method for almost 4 years now. I’ve had a tremendous change in my perception of myself as a woman. I’ve also brought on awareness of my lack of connection with myself. My feminine side.


Along with Rori Rayss amazing insight and coaching techniques she is also a business coach. World renewed, she loves to support women through to their deepest desires.

Roriis also a very Green person, unbeknownst to me, she loves being Green. I ‘ve had the opportunity to connect with her through her business classes and found out she loves being Green! We have lots in common, a love tor deeper connection to one’s self , and a deeper connection and love for the earth. I get chills writing about this now. Rori has brought me to tears in her coaching sessions, she just has that ability to speak in a way that softens me, and brings me to my heart. My passion!

Being Green to me, is not just recycling, buying green, avoiding toxins. Being Green is a state of being, a respect for our home, this planet, a deeper love for myself, and respect for the man in my life, an open heart. Loving all of life!

Rori’s tools help me find my way into communicating with my heart and with an openness, a clear desire for connection, it has greatly changed my relationships, my business as well. Writing with passion, with my heart! It’s beautiful!

Rori has this incredible energy about her, bright smile, and a love for what she does, a love for helping others and a love for being Green! Rori is indeed a woman I admire.

I’m honored to have her wear my signature 100% Organic t-shirt and I’m honored each time I have a session with her. She is a woman that has helped thousands of women, feel more feminine, connected and loved. Incredible! Which is my passion for the environment to help others feel love and connected to nature. Please check Rori out at