The Catalyst Goes Green

The Catalyst Goes Green! It’s rare that I get to write about someone who has made a difference in my life. Someone that brings my emotions up and shows me how to write with passion. Sheila Neisler, The Catalyst has an amazing, and advanced look at marketing today. Her method of marketing is something I’ve been searching for, a long time. She gets me, I’m totally on board wit her marketing strategies, it works!

I’m very grateful for Sheila and even more so that she shares my love of the environment. Sheila Neisler picture below, wearing our It’s Hip To Be Green, organic cotton T-shirt, at a local Alzheimer event in Asheville, NC my home.

In the land of the sky (and everywhere in between) it's hip to be green!

Sheila is very active in non-profits, community affairs, supports local area special events. She is a woman that walks her talk, is successful, and giving. She is certainly someone I aspire to be like.

Using her 360 approach to marketing is not only no nonsense, it is just plain common sense. Her own story is the inspiration for her approach, she has the numbers to back it up, she knows it works.

Her bright eyes, supportive way, and her energetic presence, brings out the best in her clients. I’ve seen her in action.

For me, finally a marketing approach that makes sense, isn’t into sales pitches, one that is honest, works and is great for any size company. I’ve noticed that It’s Hip To Be Green has greatly moved forward, since working with Sheila.

Here is a quote from her business card. Peter Drucker ” Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business. Seen from the customer’s point of view” This is Sheila’s approach. She does what works, instead of doing what everyone else does. She thinks outside of the mainstream approach, and makes it happen.

While I’m honored to share with you, her work, I’m even more honored to work with her, and have her wear our signature T-shirts.