Naturally Back to School

Naturally back to school time, is here. Summer is just a third of the way through and already we start thinking of Autumn and buying school supplies.  It’s a time for sales and marketing gimmicks to get you to buy school clothing, school supplies and electronics.  It sometimes causes us to over buy.  Instead of falling prey to the marketing ads, take time to think about how important school supplies can be to your child’s health. Here is how to go Naturally back to school. It can be eco friendly and non- toxic.

  • Buy paper and pencils made from tree-free or recycled content
  • Buy recycled rubber erasers
  • Buy bamboo and other sustainable wood, or recycled plastic calculators, flash drives, rulers etc.
  • Look for eco- friendly on the labels of commonly used electronics for contents that are green or recycled.
  • Recycle plastics and boxes that electronics come in
  • Buy re-usable snack bags, lunch bags and drink containers. BPA free plastic, glass or stainless steel
  • Carpool to school with neighbors or friends
  • Recycle old school papers and unwanted paper scraps
  • Buy non-toxic markers and paint supplies
  • Buy organic clothing or eco friendly clothing, used or hand me downs
  • Re-purpose old items at home and make them new
  • Buy used books online or at local used book store.
  • Sell old text books to make extra cash and recycle

Back to school can be a very toxic and wasteful time of the year. Numerous school supplies have toxic gasses and chemicals that your child will inhale or absorb through their skin. Thinking ahead doing a little research, looking at labels makes your carbon footprint lighter and you feel better knowing your child is using safe school supplies.

Check out EPA or Environmental working group for more information on toxicity and school supplies. Check out all of our school supplies at