Climate Change isn’t Happening?

I was in a debate with someone this week ( which is totally rare for me to do) and I was told that she thought that Climate Change was happening because of solar activity and polar changes.  Ok, no one can be 100% sure what the cause is and it could be more than one thing causing it. I’ll give her that.  However, the fact is, we have a huge problem other than climate changes. We have toxic water, toxic air, toxic food and toxic chemicals in just about everything we use.  We have mountains of trash in our land and oceans, we have oil spilling out in our oceans and we have cruise lines dumping sewage in our oceans.  If that isn’t enough to consider this a problem, we have disease and birth defects because of all the chemicals we use. No one is including this into the “Climate Change” definition.  I call it Ecological deterioration because it is so much more than climate changes. We can’t even grow true “Organic” food due to aluminum in the air.  So if climate change was caused by the polar shifts and solar activity, then does that mean we just continue with our habits as they are?  Does that mean we vote different because someone has said that climate change isn’t caused by our polluting the air?  I fail to see how just that reason minimizes the major issues we have on this planet.  Clean Energy is more than just climate change. Clean Energy keeps people out of dangerous mines, it keeps oil from spilling out in our oceans and deterioration of our natural resources and wildlife.  Alternative technology keep trees in the Amazon rain forest from being cut down, it cleans the air, helps with erosion  and protects waterways and sea life.  It helps us grow healthier food and keeps chemicals out of our bodies.

Whatever name you want to give it. We have an enormous issue to deal with and so will our future generations.  We have to act now climate change or not! I hope that economics and future debt issues don’t get in the way of our future survival on this planet and the health of the next generations.