Green a new way of thinking

I’ve read several posts now about what people think is the primary reason American’s aren’t going Green.  I don’t feel that there is just one reason.  I do feel that fear of change is a big one, fear of not having the same quality of life, finances and denial that climate change even is an issue.  Those are the reason’s I see and there could be other’s like procrastination the “I just haven’t gotten around to it yet” excuse.  Watching the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was great in the way that it explains that human’s tend to only act when it is urgent necessity and then they make the change.  It could be that the one thing that will put fire under us is disaster.  It could be that it is like any other trend it takes time for the trend to spread and it certainly seems as though the trend is spreading.  Let’s hope that it won’t take a catastrophe to get us to understand that it is our survival we are fighting for and the future of our children.