Green Products are Affordable!

Green Products are Affordable!

April 25, 2010
| by itshiptobegreen

I’ve been in the Green market as a consumer for a number of years now.  I think that there is a common misconception that Green products are expensive.  This certainly was the case when the Green movement began.  The market is changing and it is very affordable to buy Green now.  One of the reason’s I started my site was to offer Parent’s affordable Green Products so that they could Green more of their home.

Our cleaning products are very affordable. We offer many different ways of being Green with your cleaning, combos that save you money,  shipping waterless- you add the water,  and even refills on some of our cleaning products.  Our Simply Neutral and Dragonfly Organix cleaning products are as good as mainstream chemical products, far better for the environment and you.

Our Organic cotton and Bamboo Viscose Infants and Children’s clothing is comparable to main stream children’s clothing.  As a mom, I shop for my children and I understand the value of saving money on clothing, and our clothing is very affordable.  It is not only affordable, but quality made and will last even through multiple hand-me-downs.  If you shop at Children’s Place, Gymboree or Baby-R-Us you will find our clothing comparative in pricing and outstanding in quality in comparison. Our Sama Baby Organics and Green Sproutlets clothing lines made of Organic Cotton, Bamboo Viscose  or both is unique and stylish in comparison to other Eco children’s wear.  Our Baby Paws soft soled infants and toddlers shoes are non-toxic, washable, chromium free and very comparable in price to Robeez.

When buying Green Products one must be savvy and most of the time you will be able to find a Green substitute for the non – green product you have been buying.  Once you switch to Green you won’t want to go back..