It’s Hip To Be Green T-shirts

It’s Hip To Be Green T-shirts! Our long awaited T-shirt line is now available for purchase.  We are so excited from the wonderful feedback we are getting from customers.  They love the feel, softness, chic design and lower neck line.  They truly are luxury T-shirts.   Made in the USA and ethically produced with high sustainable standards, and printed with low impact dyes, our t-shirts walk the talk on being Green!   Affordably  priced, they make a wonderful gift to show your support on the Green movement.  Be Green, Live Green isn’t just a fad, it is a not so new trend that is growing.  Show your support, wear Green.



Our T-shirts come in Men’s and Women’s sizes printed on 100% Organic cotton, Eco black color and It’s Hip To Be Green on the front.  More styles and colors coming soon.  We are so excited to be bringing our trademark brand to the market.  Buy them now for friends and family, and one for yourself.

Being Green is such an important message, it is an extremely important cause to get people on board, our hopes that this message will become more common, start a conversation and stimulate interest in creating a more sustainable, clean and healthy earth for ourselves and generations to come.  It’s Hip to be Green!

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