Pumpkin Doodle On WFMJ’s Eco Mom Green Holiday Gifts!

Pumpkin Doodle on WFMJ’s Eco Mom Green Holiday Gifts!

December 2, 2009
| by itshiptobegreen

Pumpkin Doodle’s was featured on NBC’s Eco Mom segment on Cyber Monday!  We were thrilled to have our wonderful children’s products displayed for green holiday gifts on the Eco Mom morning show on WFMJ 21 in Youngstown Ohio.

Featured products  Maple Landmark Toys the Montgomery Schoolhouse bus and the ABC blocks. We love these products. Maple Landmark toys uses sustainable practices to harvest and grow the maple they use for their toys.  They really take being green seriously.  They even recycle and donate wood scraps.  They use non toxic dye ( when possible) and also offer a product line that is all natural with no dye.  And for us the thing that sets them apart from other wooden toy manufacturers is they will repair or replace parts. This is a huge concern for us.  We see many items going in the land fill that could be used and only because manufacturers don’t replace or repair.  These toys as Stacey say’s are meant to be passed down generation to generation they really do last.

Sama Baby Organic clothing line. We truly love this new product line.  They offer hard to find sizes for older kids in their spring collection ( coming soon) as well as wonderful infants and toddlers sizes.  This clothing line is quality made and very stylish so you don’t compromise your style when going green with these products.  Extremely soft!  We love their concept and their name Sama means balance, calmness, and serenity.

Organic Fun Dough- this product I just fell in love with.  Brittany really knows how to package her wonderful creation. From the soy ink,  down to the plastic containers that are biodegradable, made from corn plastic.  My daughter loved this set. It has bright colors and I don’t have to worry about it being toxic. It  truly is a Green product!

We hope you will check us out!