Spring is in the air

Spring is here! Time for Gardening

March 20, 2010
| by itshiptobegreen

Spring is here!  Time to start thinking of outside activities and gardening, if you haven’t already started your garden.  Composting your leftover food is a great way to get compost ready for your garden. There are many ways to compost. You can buy a composter, they range from simple and inexpensive to expensive, just throw your food in and it does the work for you or build one yourself.  You may ask how does that help the environment?  Well it helps your garden grow better by providing nutrients to the soil.  It keeps rotting food out of plastic bags which end up in the landfill which leech methane gases.  Ordering beneficial insects to keep those pesty insects away is another great way to green your garden. There is a beneficial insect for every pest insect, and the great thing about beneficial insects is that they help your garden, but also can help you.   A Praying Mantis, for instance, eats mosquitoes, flies and moths along with the pests that eat your garden.  They are an all purpose pest control.  They are very easy to hatch; place your order and when they arrive you attach them to a tree branch and nature does the rest. If you don’t like the thought of using insects to rid your garden and yard of pests, there are many types of natural and organic pest control methods.  There are even natural and organic weed control products.  I use corn gluten in the early spring to prevent the weeds from taking root.  It saves me time by not having to spray weed killer and it is very easy to use, just spread it like grass seed.  We’ve become so accustomed to using chemicals that for many people they have a false idea that going Green with your gardening and yard care is more time consuming and expensive.  Some products may be more expensive, but I find that many are very reasonably priced.  Many you can make yourself.  I’ve used boiling water to kill weeds before – works great!   It really can be easy to Green your garden and yard.  I, for one, like not having to breathe those smelly chemicals. Here are a few more tips for Greening your yard and garden :

  • Buy non treated grass seed or organic grass seed
  • Use compost for your top soil for your garden
  • Use newspaper/cardboard to prevent weeding in your garden
  • Use beneficial plants to help rid your garden of pests
  • Use compost tea ( juice from your composter) as liquid fertilizer