Autumn is near – time to change

This time of year is magical in some ways with the season’s changing, the leaves turning beautiful colors and the crispness in the air. Soon the day light savings time will change, the weather will get colder and we all start to prepare for winter by changing out screens, storing our summer items and winterizing the house and yard.  Most of us will be raking leaves ( which is always a fun chore to have, jumping in piles of leaves playing),  mulching trees and  flower gardens, and  preparing  the garden for winter planting.  Autumn is a time for change in so many ways.

This time of year being Green is very important as we prepare for cold weather.  There are so many ways you can be Eco Friendly during your winterization process.

Here are some great eco friendly winterization tips:

  • Gather seeds and seed pods from plants to plant next spring – its fun educational and saves money
  • Use non VOC paint
  • Use Eco-friendly or bio based foam sealant
  • Use cotton, wool or recycled content insulation
  • Buy Organic cotton, Wool, Bamboo or other Natural fiber blankets or Duvets
  • Buy used blankets to help save the environment from the carbon footprint of buying new
  • Seal windows and doors to prevent air leakage to save on energy
  • Install LED or CFL lighting that uses less energy
  • Use less light bulbs (we use 1/3 the lighting that is suggested in our lamps & fixtures etc)
  • Use biomass heating if possible in place of Oil, buy energy efficient heating appliances, solar or geothermal systems to save energy and off-put less C02
  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Turn down heat when not at home
  • Open you oven door after baking to allow the extra heat to heat your home
  • Close doors to trap heat in each room
  • Use Storm doors or windows / insulated windows to keep exterior doors & windows air tight
  • Buy low e glass in windows and doors to help with energy conservation
  • Use biodegradable bags if you need to bag leaves for pick-up or compost leaves in the yard or garden
  • Allow for city pick-up or natural decomposition for lawn clippings or limbs/ brush instead of burning
  • Use electric lawn equipment when possible
  • Storing patio furniture and umbrellas,  covering grills will make them last longer.
  • Use Green lawn care products when treating lawn and gardens
  • Store ash from fireplaces/ wood burning stoves or corn burning stoves to use in the garden for spring
  • Pressure washers and other  outdoor cleaning can be done eco-friendly without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Dispose of construction waste consciously by donating unused or used lumber, windows and doors to Habitat for Humanity for re-sale.  Recycle unusable materials to recycling center near by.  You sometimes can get a small amount of cash, but if not, it is worth the effort just to keep it out of the landfills.

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year enjoy it the healthy, eco friendly way!




Spring is in the air

Spring is here! Time for Gardening

March 20, 2010
| by itshiptobegreen

Spring is here!  Time to start thinking of outside activities and gardening, if you haven’t already started your garden.  Composting your leftover food is a great way to get compost ready for your garden. There are many ways to compost. You can buy a composter, they range from simple and inexpensive to expensive, just throw your food in and it does the work for you or build one yourself.  You may ask how does that help the environment?  Well it helps your garden grow better by providing nutrients to the soil.  It keeps rotting food out of plastic bags which end up in the landfill which leech methane gases.  Ordering beneficial insects to keep those pesty insects away is another great way to green your garden. There is a beneficial insect for every pest insect, and the great thing about beneficial insects is that they help your garden, but also can help you.   A Praying Mantis, for instance, eats mosquitoes, flies and moths along with the pests that eat your garden.  They are an all purpose pest control.  They are very easy to hatch; place your order and when they arrive you attach them to a tree branch and nature does the rest. If you don’t like the thought of using insects to rid your garden and yard of pests, there are many types of natural and organic pest control methods.  There are even natural and organic weed control products.  I use corn gluten in the early spring to prevent the weeds from taking root.  It saves me time by not having to spray weed killer and it is very easy to use, just spread it like grass seed.  We’ve become so accustomed to using chemicals that for many people they have a false idea that going Green with your gardening and yard care is more time consuming and expensive.  Some products may be more expensive, but I find that many are very reasonably priced.  Many you can make yourself.  I’ve used boiling water to kill weeds before – works great!   It really can be easy to Green your garden and yard.  I, for one, like not having to breathe those smelly chemicals. Here are a few more tips for Greening your yard and garden :

  • Buy non treated grass seed or organic grass seed
  • Use compost for your top soil for your garden
  • Use newspaper/cardboard to prevent weeding in your garden
  • Use beneficial plants to help rid your garden of pests
  • Use compost tea ( juice from your composter) as liquid fertilizer