Eco Friendly Gifts for your Valentine

February is almost here, and the time for showing your loved ones you care. It is one of the most wasteful times of the year. Valentine’s day though very special, is a huge market for the paper and plastic industry, not to mention the floral industry.  Millions of tons of waste go in the trash after Valentines day is over. Cards, envelopes, boxes, gift wrap and bags. It’s a huge market. Second biggest wasteful holiday of the year. What can you do to show your sweetie you care and help take care of the environment too?  Eco friendly Gifts for your Valentine’s help show you have a green heart. Take an extra look when purchasing gifts for Valentine’s day! Buy gifts that are non-toxic, recycled, recyclable, or Organic products to help lessen the carbon footprint of your gift buying. It’s estimated that close to a billion cards are sent each Valentine’s day. That is a lot of paper.  Buying recycled content or tree free cards will greatly reduce the waste during Valentine’s day.  Organic products such as organic clothing, organic bedding, organic treats and organic flowers make a huge difference in gift giving.  Your loved one will appreciate your care for the environment and giving eco friendly gifts.

How about organic soy scented candles… oooo ahhahhhahhh they smell so yummy… it permeates the room… best of all it’s non toxic; it sets the tone for a romantic evening.  Your little sweetheart might love non-toxic nail polish, little girls love to paint their nails.  Silk sheets say something very special, romance and luxury.  There are so many ideas when it comes to eco friendly gifts.  Show your green heart this valentine’s day.  Give the gifts that save the planet.  For a full line of our eco friendly gifts check out our site