Being Green, Trash or Treasure?

Being Green what does it mean? The old cliche “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is one of the greenest views one can have.  Thrift stores and yard sales certainly prove that theory.  It’s so important to keep this theory in mind when spring cleaning.  In this disposable world of bigger trash cans and easy access to new and better, we tend to just toss it away and find better.  One of the reason’s the landfills are so overloaded and our oceans swimming in trash is due to the instant gratification and disposable mentality we have in this country.  Keeping up with the Jones’ is a lot of work and expensive.  Instead we could really ask ourselves, if we really need to buy new.  Do you need a new phone or is it just that the newer phone makes “us” feel in-style, up to date and more socially acceptable. How would it be if being green was more the trend than having the most new, shiny, faster, hipper product on the market.  What if we ask ourselves if the new sofa is what we need or if a sofa cover might be better, what if the new blender on the market looks better, but our old one works just fine.  What would happen to our bank accounts if we stopped keeping up with the Jones’?  I’ve found that I have more money to spend on what really counts, vacations, fun time with family, camping trips, bucket lists.  Our quality of life tends to get more rich as we become greener.  Is being green a fad people ask me, my answer is; “maybe, but it also is something that is becoming a new way of life and it is also a very necessary trend”. Once our habits change our thinking about what we buy and why changes, we will begin to think more in terms of quality instead of quantity.  Being green is a state of being.  It really is Hip To Be Green.  Over usage and over buying will turn into gratitude for what we have, more realistic buying habits and more expendable money in our accounts. Its a win win situation.  This year when spring cleaning ask yourself if your trash could be someone’s treasure.