Summertime natural bug control

It’s finally Summer what every school age kid has been waiting for, Fun and Sun!  As a Natural Mother, I’m concerned about bug control and all the chemicals in the mainstream bug sprays and insect repellents.  Deet is just one of the many chemicals that has been proven to cause issues.  So, how does a Natural mother keep her kids bite free and safe from chemicals at the same time?  Here are some of my suggestions for natural bug control:

Organic botanical insect repellents work great! I’ve found just as much as mainstream chemical repellents.

Botanical bug sprays such as iMust garden is a non toxic environmentally friendly way to rid your house and home of insects.  Keeps your family from inhailing and also coming into contact with toxic mainstream bug control.

Beneficial insects are natural bug control, they are insects that prey on the insects you wish to be rid of.  Mosquitoes, for instance, are eaten by dragonflies and praying mantis.  Frogs and Bats although not insects, also prey on mosquitoes.  Fleas are a big issue in the summer and nematodes eat flea eggs.  Education is helpful in keeping things in balance and avoiding toxic insect sprays.

Beneficial plants are very helpful in many ways.  Marigolds for instance, are attractive, colorful, and they deter insects.  Basil is a natural bug control.  Again, educating yourself on what plants deter which insects is helpful. It ads attractiveness to your home and can also, in some cases be eaten ( such as Basil) and serves more than one purpose.

Insect deterrents  or traps also a great natural bug control.  I always hesitate to add this to my list because bug zappers are a huge market for insect traps. However, I don’t suggest bug zappers because it also kills beneficial insects as well.  Our planet needs more beneficial insects. Insect traps such as sticky board that has pheromones that attract the insect to the sticky board works great for specific insect selection. Electronic mosquitoes traps work great as that is all they attract, it isn’t a bug trap for all insects. There are also electronic bug repellents that you plug in that sends off a electronic signal that keeps spiders and other insects away.

Insect candles are very widely used, as well as incense that deter insects.  These work great for specific areas that need bug control.

Insect screens: We have screens on our windows for natural bug control, but sometimes we forget we can use screens in other areas as well. You can even put a screen over your patio umbrella to keep bugs away.  Food screens are great for keeping our food bug free.

Environmental conditions is another great way to have natural bug control.  This is my favorite part.  Keep your home, yard, and play area environmentally unattractive to insects.  Standing water is one of the biggest answers to keeping your yard mosquito free!  If you have ponds or water displays around your home or play area, put a mosquito dung in to keep the mosquitoes eggs from hatching. Also, keep food up and areas clean. Keep your yard free of damp and dark areas so spiders won’t find it attractive to set up a home.  If you don’t like bees, keeping your home and yard free of bee attracting flowers. Keeping your yard mowed helps keep insects away.  The taller your grass, the more appealing it is to an insect.

Being green and naturally bug free can be fun, educational and make being outside a lot more fun naturally. Chemicals may do the work faster, but in the long run, our bodies and our health pay the price.  Check out or full line of products and natural bug control products at