Imagine a Greener World

My children are always a great source of constant contemplation.  My youngest loves being Green and always has questions for me to ponder and come up with an answer.  Recently we had a talk about how the world would be if it was all Green. If everything was clean and everything we disposed of was not harmful to living creatures or the planet.  She wanted me to describe what SMOG was and how it gets up in the air and why it stays there.  Why do we have SMOG mommy, she asked.  From time to time I can imagine a Greener world where cars run on water and our air is clean, the streams are clean and our children can play in them once again.  I can easily see solutions to these problems, and yet it seems as though as a society we struggle to get it done.  It gets frustrating at times to know that the solutions are there, but the bureaucracy and corporate greed seem to be the deciding factors.  That society doesn’t want to change their habits.  I can say without a doubt that changing to Greener habits isn’t that big of a deal.  I would guarantee that some people might even find it easier and more rewarding.  Lots of people ( myself included) love the fact that it saves money.  I spend hours searching the internet for the best water filters because our tap water is so toxic,  search for the healthiest mattresses and reading labels to make sure I buy the least toxic products.  It might seem as though being green is time consuming, but in reality, it is being toxic that is time consuming.  If we lived in a world where toxic products weren’t inundated on the selves of stores and water wasn’t polluted with run off from factories, I wouldn’t have to spend so much time trying to keep my family healthy.  I imagine a world that is Greener and cleaner, one without corporate greed, a world where pharma companies  weren’t so dependent on disease and was focused on the long term well being of people and the world.  That money spent was for research on cures instead of selling and commercializing drugs to make billions.

I imagine a world where my daughter doesn’t ask me why pollution stays in the air so long, a world without trash cans full of bottled water filters and pvc off gas smelling up my house and causing asthma attacks. A world where the natural system of the world wasn’t being compromised by humans.  A world where we can still have what we need and want in this world and just take the time to make it healthy instead of just pumping out products to make massive millions.

I’d like to imagine a world in my life time where seagulls don’t attack me while eating my lunch on the beach just to get human food, where beggar dolphins don’t exist and monkey’s in Africa aren’t killing people to get their food.  Where the balance of nature goes back to way it was created.

I want to believe that this world can be without oil spills in the ocean and people dying of coal mining related injuries and women in this country aren’t having defective fetus’ because of the chemicals where they work. A world where water isn’t flammable.  But mostly what I’d like to imagine, is a world where we stop being oppressed and complacent about all these issues and wake up to the reality that WE CAN have a greener world more easily, more cooperatively and more peacefully!