Spring brings in the bugs!

What a great time of year Spring is. Everything is in blossom and outdoor activities, everyone is excited.  Seems like the bugs are coming earlier this year.  My daughter says today, I don’t want to go outside because of the bugs.  It it tempting to call on the chemical sprays for warfare.  It’s quick and easy, you just go to your local home improvement store and buy it.  Sometimes the hidden toxins in products are better left unsaid, unread and disregarded some people feel.  I hear people say ” oh a little bit won’t hurt you” “you can’t avoid all chemicals”  well in truth a little bit might not hurt you and you can’t avoid all chemicals for the most part, but here is the kicker. We have so many chemicals in our daily products that we are already inundated with them without even knowing that we are. Therefore, we aren’t getting just a little bit and we already have exposed ourselves to tons of toxins already.

Pesticides are one of the most toxic things we can use.  It is this mindset that manufactures bet on.  The fact that we aren’t keeping track of all the chemicals that we consume on a daily basis.  They depend on the marketing tactics and cleaver commercials to override our sense of logic.  It can be a highly debatable subject for sure, but one thing most people agree, pesticides are harmful.

The use of pesticides can contribute to allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities, learning disabilities and even permanent damage. The EPA website stated “There are “critical periods” in human development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual’s biological system operates.” when writing about the dangers of pesticides.  Children are at greater risk due to being on the floor crawling or playing,  low on the grass outside, putting things in their mouth.  Their immune systems aren’t fully developed and are not capable of handling such toxins.  Pesticides are neurotoxins and therefore it can cause serious health issues.

Adults are also at risk, and most likely unless they have lived a very careful, specific lifestyle have been exposed since early childhood.  Women who have not given birth yet can be effected and these neurotoxins can cause birth defects. So the mindset of ” a little bit won’t hurt” couldn’t be further from the truth, since most of us have already been exposed to masses of pesticides.

Keeping pesticides in the home poses a great risk of poisoning and therefore another risk of having the product in or around your home.  Just a little bit of preparations can keep your children and family from more exposure to pesticides.

There are many different ways to prevent, contain and even destroy insects without the use of chemicals ( and by chemicals we mean neurotoxins).

Mice for instance there are traps, humane traps, sticky board, and electronic devices to keep them away, plus the good ole family cat or put up an owl house in your yard.

Mosquitoes is another pest we all want to get rid of. You can keep standing water out of your yard ( and if possible neighborhood) put bat houses up, swallow houses up, order praying mantis eggs to put out, buy or make a mosquito trap, use and wear  natural herbal repellent.

Fleas are one of those things that not only drive you nuts, but your pets also.  They multiply so fast.  Nematodes are great for your yard (and very easy), herbal repellents, diatomaceous earth and natural flea traps.

It might be a little extra effort than going to the corner store, but well worth it for your children’s and families health and well being. It can be fun and educational too.  Check out our line of natural pest control at www.mypumpkindoodle.com . Have a safe and fun Spring!