Green Your Kids Holiday Gifts

Black Friday is here and consumerism at it’s highest.  Huge sales and irresistible promotions. How do you shake the holiday spending drive?  I have to say it is very tempting all the commercials, sales and the rush you feel when you’ve got all your shopping done and saved money.  Part of being in the Green mindset is to realize that this is the very issue we are trying to change.  The ad’s the marketing gimmicks and the way they work on your desire to have more and more. The credit card companies and stores depend on the money they make during holiday season as it is the biggest spending time of the year.  Kids learn very early on these marketing ploys to draw us in to buy.  Commercials get to kids advertising plastic and disposable  toys that will end up in the landfill in no time, rarely are they ever passed down to another child. Children grow up more aware of the environment when they are given toys and play supplies that are more environmentally friendly.  They grow up healthier when given toys that are free from PVC and phthalates, which off gas. Some toys despite regulations, still have toxic paint on them. Children spend long hours playing with these toxic toys.

Our commitment is to the environment, and we sell toys that are not only non-toxic, but quality made and ethical, they have a lighter footprint on the environment.  Some of our toys have replacement parts.  Replacement parts are rare in the toy industry where disposable is the norm. Our Maple Landmark Toys uses sustainable wood in its handmade toys and uses non-toxic paints and finishes. They offer repair and replacements for their toys. When you buy Maple Landmark Toys you are paying for quality that can be passed down for years of use. When comparing pricing, I think you will find our Toys are very comparable to toys made of plastic that are not ethical made and are toxic.  You know the old saying” you get what you pay for”.  I think that is so true in some respects.

Name Train Set
Maple Landmark Name Train Set

Little Colorado Company is also a Green company that not only produces Green Toys in the USA but also ships it’s toys with recycled packaging inside and out. They also use only wood harvested from ethical resources and any MDF used is certified Green.  The quality of these two companies is unsurpassed.  Their commitment to children’s safety and the environment is not compromised by the quality and value you receive with these toys.  Children’s imagination is developed with pretend play and with these ethical Green Toys, you can allow your child to develop naturally without all the electronic plastic on the market that doesn’t allow for much imagination.

Little Colorado Playhouse Kit
Little Colorado Playhouse kit

Remember the cost of plastic toys on the environment and you child’s health when you purchase a gift for a child. Our toys are ethical, well made, non-toxic and affordable.  Check out our complete selection of Green Toys at