The Catalyst Goes Green

The Catalyst Goes Green! It’s rare that I get to write about someone who has made a difference in my life. Someone that brings my emotions up and shows me how to write with passion. Sheila Neisler, The Catalyst has an amazing, and advanced look at marketing today. Her method of marketing is something I’ve been searching for, a long time. She gets me, I’m totally on board wit her marketing strategies, it works!

I’m very grateful for Sheila and even more so that she shares my love of the environment. Sheila Neisler picture below, wearing our It’s Hip To Be Green, organic cotton T-shirt, at a local Alzheimer event in Asheville, NC my home.

In the land of the sky (and everywhere in between) it's hip to be green!

Sheila is very active in non-profits, community affairs, supports local area special events. She is a woman that walks her talk, is successful, and giving. She is certainly someone I aspire to be like.

Using her 360 approach to marketing is not only no nonsense, it is just plain common sense. Her own story is the inspiration for her approach, she has the numbers to back it up, she knows it works.

Her bright eyes, supportive way, and her energetic presence, brings out the best in her clients. I’ve seen her in action.

For me, finally a marketing approach that makes sense, isn’t into sales pitches, one that is honest, works and is great for any size company. I’ve noticed that It’s Hip To Be Green has greatly moved forward, since working with Sheila.

Here is a quote from her business card. Peter Drucker ” Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business. Seen from the customer’s point of view” This is Sheila’s approach. She does what works, instead of doing what everyone else does. She thinks outside of the mainstream approach, and makes it happen.

While I’m honored to share with you, her work, I’m even more honored to work with her, and have her wear our signature T-shirts.

Pope Francis, Lack of Housing

Pope Francis’ visit to the US was nothing short of amazing, regardless of a person’s beliefs, he seemed to touch the hearts of so many. I, myself found myself crying and reading daily about his journey. What touched me is his understanding of where we are now, and his warning of ” not repeating our errors of the past”. Seems so simple and yet, so many can’t see this.

Affordable housing is another passion of mine, green affordable housing of course. While visiting the Tiny house and the Freight Container house exhibit here in Asheville. I realized how efficient and cozy, elegant and doable these homes are.


I’ve studied tiny houses and container homes for years, I just hadn’t had an opportunity to visit them. I felt a sense of hope for our future, a sense of pride for my community, and strong sense of connection within myself to continue to follow my passions in life.

Then I read Pope Francis’ quote. “There is no justification whatsoever” for lack of housing.

He called for “the right use of natural resources and the proper application of technology” to build an inclusive, sustainable and modern economy.

I felt relief and tears of joy at the same time! I felt a sense of connection. Finally! A part of me said.

I started the It’s Hip To Be Green line phrase in 2006 to do just that. It hasn’t been easy, and I won’t give up. BEING Green is so much more than action, it is heartfelt compassion for human rights, the earth and all of it’s inhabitants, it is the future of our children’s lives. It is a healthy attitude, way of life, belief system and total commitment. Being Green is more than just buying green. It truly is a being-ness that emits from within.

I would have loved to have been there, to hear it in person, see him, thank him for his “wake up call” to our government, to hold them accountable for more than just the 1%, for the 99% on this planet. Our home, something I truly do love, from the bottom of my heart.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of this movement!!

Pope Francis speaks on the Environment

Pope Francis speaks on the Environment. My emotions are high as I cry about how my hearts desire is possibly coming to reality! When Pope Francis comes to the USA to speak about the environment, religious or not, it brings up so much for me. Tears, finally someone with great power and compassion is speaking the truth! Finally all I’ve worked to bring to awareness about, is being spoken to the masses.

I sit here writing and tears rolling down my face, trying to put into words what I’m feeling right now. I love this planet, truly I do! It is amazing, beauty beyond words, miracles, treasures ( not oil) not yet discovered, and I cannot believe we have gotten to where we are, our planet is filthy! Indeed, very well put. Our God given home is being treated as if it is our personal dumping station.

Animal species are dying, because we humans, are so selfish we cannot see past our own egocentric desires and modern conveniences. Our need for more, our addictions to having bigger, better, newer.

That in spite of the speeches by many, we continue to be in denial of our impact on this planet. We as humans do not have the right to use this planet as we wish, as it isn’t not just ours. It is our children’s, grandchildren, the plants and animals also. We treat it like a trash can.


I have anger, frustration, compassion and love all at once! At times I could just SCREAM at times I want to just crawl in a ball and sob. My heart is open, and hopeful.

This trip to the USA by Pope Francis to speak on the environment is so important! So absolutely incredible, and profound. I feel like I’m stumbling over my words to write this blog entry. I hope with all my heart that this trip, these speeches will be taken in, wake up many Americans as well as our nay sayers in the government, who continue on insisting climate change is a hoax.

As I’ve written before, climate change is just one of the issues, debatable, I say not, yet it is still questioned. Regardless of climate change we still have horrible habits of how we treat our earth, our home. Even if you can’t be on board about climate change, can you see the filth the Pope is speaking of? Can you see waste, over use, and poverty?

Can you find in your heart to see how we are treating it, can you bring yourself to make changes for all the inhabitants on this planet. Can you put your instant gratification desires aside and look at the whole picture. Can you open your heart ?

Can you listen when Pope Francis speaks on the environment and take action? Open your eyes?

I hope you will join me in the effort of so many of us, including Pope Francis, to treat our amazing gift called earth, with respect, love, and gratitude. It’s Hip To Be Green, and necessary thing to do!!!

Why I’m so into Green

Why I’m so into Green!  As I’m sitting here taking a new twist on my blog, it feels interesting to write about my hearts desire, when I’m used to writing facts, ideas, and tips.

Aside from the concept that is so controversial “Climate Change”, and all the hype about it.

I don’t put much into trying to change someone’s mind about if it is happening or not, it doesn’t matter either way, what matters is do we really want to trash this planet, do we really want to waste, destroy, use up our natural resources. Even if “Climate Change” isn’t happening.

My vision with my this site, and my T-shirts is to create a world that cares about it’s home.  I get chills trying to write about this vision, this planet, I call home. It’s so close to my heart.

Our planet is amazing, beyond belief.  It has wonders that we haven’t even discovered yet. Miracles waiting to be discovered and amazed by.  If we don’t destroy it first.

As humans, we treat this planet as if we are entitled to trash it, destroy it, pollute it, drill it dry, cut it down, as if another one is at Wal-mart. We do it without any regard for the other creatures that live here also.

It breaks my heart , when I see this all happening.  It really does!   I love this planet, it is a gift in my eyes, a incredible gift!

I get giddy just watching the most amazing creatures, and landscapes, sunsets, shooting stars and at times it feels as if I’m all alone.

I’m so fortunate to live in a place that has such wondrous natural habitat, lush green trees and amazing plants, waterfalls, beaches, amazing mountains, incredible creatures.

I’ve not traveled anywhere on this planet so far, that hasn’t had something amazing.

I live in wonder.  I live in gratitude for my planet, and all it has to offer.  I truly love where I live, and this planet is my home.

I notice that some take it for granted and many trash it.  I notice some take better care of their cars and house, and then go out into the world, trash it.  I guess it is all in how you define “home”.  My home includes, this planet.  I love and care for it, as I do my house, my car, my pets, myself, my children.

Green isn’t just recycling and energy conservation.  Green to me, is a state of being. Gratitude! Why I’m so into Green.

Love and care for all of it, as best we can. Go Green.

Being Green is hip, and for me, it is also part of who I am.  It is a lifestyle, a belief system.  It is being grateful for this amazing gift, our planet.  I wear my t-shirts to show my support, my care and concern for being aware, being responsible.


It truly does hurt, when I see tons of trash in our oceans, mountains being chopped down just to make millions.  For me, it isn’t about making money, its about living gracefully, in gratitude, respect.  Hippie?
Ok!, and maybe it is just plain respect, and care for what I’ve been graced with.

It’s being grateful for every tiny thing, as well as every enormous thing, on this planet.

My wish is for everyone to get on board, that being green is hip and show your support.  I love being Green, it feels good. What about you?













Stylin Green, Hip & Chic

Stylin Green, Hip & Chic as what we are is shown by what we exude in the world, our hair, make-up, clothing, our skin, all gives off a vision of who we are, what we stand for, and how better to BE Green than to show your inner beauty outwardly.  Wearing our signature T-shirt is Annastasia, who lives to be Green working as a Hairstylist and Make-up Artist in the TV and Film world as well as being a Yoga Teacher with Moksha Yoga which also supports and educates people in helping the earth and our environment by working to make this world a healthier place to live everyday. Annastasia enjoys bringing her yoga lifestyle in the beauty world where the two can join together and create an environment where her clients and the actors that she works with can be true to themselves and the world we live in. To be green and healthy from the inside out. Our T-shirts fit perfectly as we also support what Annatasia works to not only live a Green lifestyle,  but to educate others on how to live Green. Our inner glow comes from a peaceful, healthy inward world, and it shows in our appearance.  The same with our environment.  Taking care of our world to support it’s health and well being for all of it’s inhabitants, will show an outward clean, green and sustainable world.  Being Green is more than action, it is a state of being, a lifestyle.
Stylin Green, Hip & Chic, Annastasia lives in Toronto, you can view more of Annastasia’s work on her website at Her most recent projects is working on the hilarious comedy Schitts Creek and Feature Film coming soon, Goon 2.  It’s Hip To Be Green is going Global.  Buy one of our signature T-shirts! Give one for a gift.  Share the excitement of Being Green.

Buy Green Be Green Wear Green

Buy Green Be Green Wear Green. Our dollar makes a statement! Where we spend our hard-earned money, shows our choices, our preferences and our support. This is why it is important to be an aware shopper. What we put our efforts towards  today, will become our tomorrow.

Our It’s Hip To Be Green ® Organic T-shirts definitely makes a statement! Not only with our trademark, but the manufacturing of the shirt, it is made in the USA, low impact dyes, Organic cotton and ethically made by high sustainable standards.  We say Green, we mean Green! We walk our talk when it comes to Green. We are so pleased our signature shirts are making a statement in the music industry with talented and beautiful singer, song writer Melissa Rebronja also known as Emar. She sings in 7 languages, her songs are of peace, love, forgiveness and world unity. Melissa is a mufti-talented  woman destined to make a difference in the world. As is our dreams of our new Organic clothing line.  


Melissa Rebronja
Melissa Rebronja


Melissa’s music stands for what we support in our efforts to bring awareness of a happier, healthier and more peaceful unified world. 

Show the world your support of a more peaceful, greener, healthier world by wearing one of our It’s Hip To Be Green ® Organic cotton T-shirts, the chic fitted design and low neckline make this shirt Hip! Comes in Men’s and Women’s sizes, made of the softest organic cotton, it will be your most comfortable shirt Make a bold statement, Buy Green Be Green Wear Green. Start the trend and show the world how important being green is. A new wave of Green is coming! It’s here.  

Make a statement by wearing one of our It’s Hip To Be Green® Shirts, start the wave of world peace, a greener and cleaner world, a world of beauty, abundance and equality. It only takes one person to make a change in the world. You can check out Melissa’s music at

It’s Hip To Be Green T-shirts

It’s Hip To Be Green T-shirts! Our long awaited T-shirt line is now available for purchase.  We are so excited from the wonderful feedback we are getting from customers.  They love the feel, softness, chic design and lower neck line.  They truly are luxury T-shirts.   Made in the USA and ethically produced with high sustainable standards, and printed with low impact dyes, our t-shirts walk the talk on being Green!   Affordably  priced, they make a wonderful gift to show your support on the Green movement.  Be Green, Live Green isn’t just a fad, it is a not so new trend that is growing.  Show your support, wear Green.



Our T-shirts come in Men’s and Women’s sizes printed on 100% Organic cotton, Eco black color and It’s Hip To Be Green on the front.  More styles and colors coming soon.  We are so excited to be bringing our trademark brand to the market.  Buy them now for friends and family, and one for yourself.

Being Green is such an important message, it is an extremely important cause to get people on board, our hopes that this message will become more common, start a conversation and stimulate interest in creating a more sustainable, clean and healthy earth for ourselves and generations to come.  It’s Hip to be Green!

You can buy our T-shirts at or


Naturally Back to School

Naturally back to school time, is here. Summer is just a third of the way through and already we start thinking of Autumn and buying school supplies.  It’s a time for sales and marketing gimmicks to get you to buy school clothing, school supplies and electronics.  It sometimes causes us to over buy.  Instead of falling prey to the marketing ads, take time to think about how important school supplies can be to your child’s health. Here is how to go Naturally back to school. It can be eco friendly and non- toxic.

  • Buy paper and pencils made from tree-free or recycled content
  • Buy recycled rubber erasers
  • Buy bamboo and other sustainable wood, or recycled plastic calculators, flash drives, rulers etc.
  • Look for eco- friendly on the labels of commonly used electronics for contents that are green or recycled.
  • Recycle plastics and boxes that electronics come in
  • Buy re-usable snack bags, lunch bags and drink containers. BPA free plastic, glass or stainless steel
  • Carpool to school with neighbors or friends
  • Recycle old school papers and unwanted paper scraps
  • Buy non-toxic markers and paint supplies
  • Buy organic clothing or eco friendly clothing, used or hand me downs
  • Re-purpose old items at home and make them new
  • Buy used books online or at local used book store.
  • Sell old text books to make extra cash and recycle

Back to school can be a very toxic and wasteful time of the year. Numerous school supplies have toxic gasses and chemicals that your child will inhale or absorb through their skin. Thinking ahead doing a little research, looking at labels makes your carbon footprint lighter and you feel better knowing your child is using safe school supplies.

Check out EPA or Environmental working group for more information on toxicity and school supplies. Check out all of our school supplies at










Why Organic Crib Mattresses ?

Why organic crib mattresses? As an expecting parent with an overload of things to get ready before the baby comes, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are the main reason’s a parent should strongly consider  Organic Crib Mattresses for their newborn.

  •          Flame Retardant Chemicals –  These primarily include Phosphate, Brominated, and sometimes Chlorinated or Antimony Flame Retardants.  When a chemical gets undue attention, and certainly if it gets banned, manufacturers tend to turn to other flame retardant chemicals.  But these substitutions are frequently known as “regrettable substitutions” because the new versions generally prove to be no better than the previous versions.  Various flame retardant chemicals have been associated with toxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, developmental issues, endocrine disruption, and reproductive issue, etc.
  •          Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) – PFCs are used as water-repellants and stain-repellants, and are frequently used to make the surface fabric of a crib mattress water-repellant.  In addition to being carcinogenic, one fairly recent study associated perfluorinated compounds with Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities  [Philip J. Landrigan, Children’s Environmental Health Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, New York & Luca Lambertini, National Institutes of Health; published in Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 120, Number 7, July 2012.]
  •          Phthalates – Phthalates are used to soften vinyl, and are linked to cancer and developmental issues.  Six phthalate chemicals were banned by Congress several years ago (as part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) and a seventh has been added to California Prop 65.  Meanwhile, there are at least an additional seven or eight new phthalate versions now on the market, as well as other phthalate substitutes, which are technically legal (i.e. not banned) and are being used.  No one knows the effects of these substitute chemicals, and whether they will ultimately be shown to have better or worse or substantially the same health concerns.

Why an organic crib matteress, because iIt is estimated that there are 84,000 chemicals in the market place today, most of which have not been tested for their toxicity level.  Tissue and blood samples show that the chemicals in mattresses have shown up on the blood and tissue sample results of infants.  The mattress off gasses and baby breathes these gasses into their lungs which leads to a multitude of illnesses or health issues. Where are the flame retardants found? They can be found in the surface fabric of a crib mattress, and/or in a flame barrier directly beneath the surface fabric, and/or in the foam inside the mattress.  Most synthetic fabrics on the market are flame-resistant because flame-retardant chemicals have been added into the fibers when the synthetic fibers were made.  In the case of natural fabrics, being that the fibers themselves are natural and not synthetically created, the flame-retardant chemicals are generally added at any of several later stages of the fabric processing.

Many parents think that bed sheets will keep the child from inhaling the chemicals.  However most sheets have chemicals as well, and the sheets do not keep the off gasses from being inhaled by your infant.  This is why an organic baby crib mattress is so important. Infants spend up to 14 hrs a day sleeping.

Our organic mattresses are non-toxic and fire retardant is chemical free, other natural substances are used such as common baking soda and does not off gas.

Before you buy a mainstream crib mattress, please do some research on the issues regarding the chemicals in baby mattresses.  Check out our full line of Organic Crib Mattresses at







Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning happens this time of year when the weather gets warmer.  It’s great to open the windows and air out the house.  The problem with cleaning is the mainstream cleaning products are toxic.  The air is fresh and everything looks sparkling clean, but what toxic chemicals are being breathed in by your family and pets?  Mainstream cleaning products can have anything from petroleum based chemicals to formaldehyde and chlorine.  Cleaning products have been linked to asthma, allergies, MCS and a host of other ailments. Cleaning with non-toxic Green Cleaning products can do the same job, without the harmful side effects of the mainstream chemical counterparts.  Using non-toxic cleaning products helps your family breathe easily.


Using our Dragonfly Organix cleaning products you’ll feel safe, clean and help the environment. Green cleaning products also help the environment as well, by using ingredients that aren’t harmful to the earth.  Green cleaning products are as cost effective as the mainstream cleaning products. You can trust that with small children around the house it feels so much safer having products that don’t have a poison sign on them.  Products that won’t cause breathing issues, or allergies. Children’s systems are vulnerable while they developing, using products you can trust are safe helps parents rest easy.

Clean this spring with products that have been tested and won’t cause burning eyes, sneezing, or coughing, products that actually help make your home feel fresher, cleaner and natural.