Adult Furniture Sustainable Wood

Adult Furniture  Sustainable Wood is by far the best choice when deciding what bedroom furniture to purchase. Sustainable wood furniture is made by selecting hardwoods that are grown in a sustainable manner, reforested to keep the cycle of regrowth continuing. This eco friendly way of growing hardwood keeps forests from being clear cut. Mainstream adult furniture is not grown in an ethical manner. Bedroom furniture made by Dapwood is the highest quality in handmade adult furniture Sustainable wood. They are committed to bringing you the finest in sustainable American hardwood furniture. Each design offers multiple choices in which hardwood you prefer. Size range from Twin to Cal. King bed frame sizes. Add an Organic Mattress and Natural bedding to your new bedroom furniture and you have a Organic bedroom that is sure to give you the best possible rest because you will know your sleeping without toxic chemicals.


Dapwood furniture finishes their Sustainable Wood Bedroom furniture with Linseed oil or Teak wood oil, which is far better for you and the environment than the mainstream toxic poly coating sealants. Your bedroom will be free of off-gassing which can lead to many health issues, including asthma, and allergies.

Excellent design with unmatched craftsmanship creates Adult furniture that is made from Sustainable wood is the very best in eco friendly bedroom furniture on the market.

Often times when shopping for adult furniture for our bedrooms we think we have to sacrifice design to get the eco friendly furniture, with Dapwood furniture this isn’t the case, you can have your beautiful esthetically appealing bedroom and have an organic bedroom too! There is no compromise when it comes to Dapwood furniture.

Check out our full line of Organic bedroom products, natural bedding, organic mattresses and eco friendly furniture and know that your concern for the environment and your commitment to your own health will create a bedroom that supports your sleep. Sleep well, Sleep Green with Pumpkin Doodle’s full line of adult furniture made from sustainable wood.

Black Friday can it be Green

The question comes up; Black Friday can it be Green? I think it can be more green.  Certainly it is one of the most wasteful days of the year in the USA. Millions of wasteful products are handed out, thrown away during this busiest shopping day of the year.  Not to mention the carbon dumped into the air by the massive vehicle use sitting in traffic etc.  One might ask, how can Black Friday be Green.  It can be Greener than it is.  Here are a few steps you can take the help Green your Black Friday shopping.

  • Carpool
  • Empty out your trunk ( lighten your load)
  • Take re-usable shopping bags
  • Refuse disposable or marketing materials handed out
  • Buy Eco friendly or Recycled content products
  • Recycle all the bags, paper, cardboard etc.
  • Re-use items or re-invent items you don’t use anymore
  • Donate instead of trashing
  • Shop in one area to avoid excessive driving
  • Buy products that have replacement parts
  • Buy quality made products that will last
  • Buy used if possible, it’s hip and it’s Green!
  • Buy charitable gifts such as a goat for a 3rd world family
  • Shop local and support handcrafted and local made products
  • Buy Organic, eco-friendly products as much as possible
  • Hand make your gifts

So many options when it comes to Greening your Black Friday shopping. It’s endless the small steps you can take to save money and help the environment as much as possible. Help keep the millions of tons of waste out of the landfills by taking steps to lessen your carbon footprint.  Black Friday can be Green! Shop all of our Organic products

Summertime natural bug control

It’s finally Summer what every school age kid has been waiting for, Fun and Sun!  As a Natural Mother, I’m concerned about bug control and all the chemicals in the mainstream bug sprays and insect repellents.  Deet is just one of the many chemicals that has been proven to cause issues.  So, how does a Natural mother keep her kids bite free and safe from chemicals at the same time?  Here are some of my suggestions for natural bug control:

Organic botanical insect repellents work great! I’ve found just as much as mainstream chemical repellents.

Botanical bug sprays such as iMust garden is a non toxic environmentally friendly way to rid your house and home of insects.  Keeps your family from inhailing and also coming into contact with toxic mainstream bug control.

Beneficial insects are natural bug control, they are insects that prey on the insects you wish to be rid of.  Mosquitoes, for instance, are eaten by dragonflies and praying mantis.  Frogs and Bats although not insects, also prey on mosquitoes.  Fleas are a big issue in the summer and nematodes eat flea eggs.  Education is helpful in keeping things in balance and avoiding toxic insect sprays.

Beneficial plants are very helpful in many ways.  Marigolds for instance, are attractive, colorful, and they deter insects.  Basil is a natural bug control.  Again, educating yourself on what plants deter which insects is helpful. It ads attractiveness to your home and can also, in some cases be eaten ( such as Basil) and serves more than one purpose.

Insect deterrents  or traps also a great natural bug control.  I always hesitate to add this to my list because bug zappers are a huge market for insect traps. However, I don’t suggest bug zappers because it also kills beneficial insects as well.  Our planet needs more beneficial insects. Insect traps such as sticky board that has pheromones that attract the insect to the sticky board works great for specific insect selection. Electronic mosquitoes traps work great as that is all they attract, it isn’t a bug trap for all insects. There are also electronic bug repellents that you plug in that sends off a electronic signal that keeps spiders and other insects away.

Insect candles are very widely used, as well as incense that deter insects.  These work great for specific areas that need bug control.

Insect screens: We have screens on our windows for natural bug control, but sometimes we forget we can use screens in other areas as well. You can even put a screen over your patio umbrella to keep bugs away.  Food screens are great for keeping our food bug free.

Environmental conditions is another great way to have natural bug control.  This is my favorite part.  Keep your home, yard, and play area environmentally unattractive to insects.  Standing water is one of the biggest answers to keeping your yard mosquito free!  If you have ponds or water displays around your home or play area, put a mosquito dung in to keep the mosquitoes eggs from hatching. Also, keep food up and areas clean. Keep your yard free of damp and dark areas so spiders won’t find it attractive to set up a home.  If you don’t like bees, keeping your home and yard free of bee attracting flowers. Keeping your yard mowed helps keep insects away.  The taller your grass, the more appealing it is to an insect.

Being green and naturally bug free can be fun, educational and make being outside a lot more fun naturally. Chemicals may do the work faster, but in the long run, our bodies and our health pay the price.  Check out or full line of products and natural bug control products at
















Being Green, Trash or Treasure?

Being Green what does it mean? The old cliche “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is one of the greenest views one can have.  Thrift stores and yard sales certainly prove that theory.  It’s so important to keep this theory in mind when spring cleaning.  In this disposable world of bigger trash cans and easy access to new and better, we tend to just toss it away and find better.  One of the reason’s the landfills are so overloaded and our oceans swimming in trash is due to the instant gratification and disposable mentality we have in this country.  Keeping up with the Jones’ is a lot of work and expensive.  Instead we could really ask ourselves, if we really need to buy new.  Do you need a new phone or is it just that the newer phone makes “us” feel in-style, up to date and more socially acceptable. How would it be if being green was more the trend than having the most new, shiny, faster, hipper product on the market.  What if we ask ourselves if the new sofa is what we need or if a sofa cover might be better, what if the new blender on the market looks better, but our old one works just fine.  What would happen to our bank accounts if we stopped keeping up with the Jones’?  I’ve found that I have more money to spend on what really counts, vacations, fun time with family, camping trips, bucket lists.  Our quality of life tends to get more rich as we become greener.  Is being green a fad people ask me, my answer is; “maybe, but it also is something that is becoming a new way of life and it is also a very necessary trend”. Once our habits change our thinking about what we buy and why changes, we will begin to think more in terms of quality instead of quantity.  Being green is a state of being.  It really is Hip To Be Green.  Over usage and over buying will turn into gratitude for what we have, more realistic buying habits and more expendable money in our accounts. Its a win win situation.  This year when spring cleaning ask yourself if your trash could be someone’s treasure.

Eco Friendly Gifts for your Valentine

February is almost here, and the time for showing your loved ones you care. It is one of the most wasteful times of the year. Valentine’s day though very special, is a huge market for the paper and plastic industry, not to mention the floral industry.  Millions of tons of waste go in the trash after Valentines day is over. Cards, envelopes, boxes, gift wrap and bags. It’s a huge market. Second biggest wasteful holiday of the year. What can you do to show your sweetie you care and help take care of the environment too?  Eco friendly Gifts for your Valentine’s help show you have a green heart. Take an extra look when purchasing gifts for Valentine’s day! Buy gifts that are non-toxic, recycled, recyclable, or Organic products to help lessen the carbon footprint of your gift buying. It’s estimated that close to a billion cards are sent each Valentine’s day. That is a lot of paper.  Buying recycled content or tree free cards will greatly reduce the waste during Valentine’s day.  Organic products such as organic clothing, organic bedding, organic treats and organic flowers make a huge difference in gift giving.  Your loved one will appreciate your care for the environment and giving eco friendly gifts.

How about organic soy scented candles… oooo ahhahhhahhh they smell so yummy… it permeates the room… best of all it’s non toxic; it sets the tone for a romantic evening.  Your little sweetheart might love non-toxic nail polish, little girls love to paint their nails.  Silk sheets say something very special, romance and luxury.  There are so many ideas when it comes to eco friendly gifts.  Show your green heart this valentine’s day.  Give the gifts that save the planet.  For a full line of our eco friendly gifts check out our site

Organic Products make a New Year Greener!

The New Year is almost here.  It’s a time of celebration, reflection and resolutions.  Organic products make a New Year Greener, more eco friendly. This time of year, I’m always organizing, throwing out old and making room for new.  Part of being greener is deciding what I can do to make my lifestyle more eco friendly. I eat organic foods, even  grow organic vegetables, but buying organic products also is a great way to lesson your carbon footprint and make your life healthier.  Eco friendly products, if they truly are eco friendly, are less toxic to the environment and depending on the nature of the product less toxic for you, the consumer.  Not all eco friendly products are Organic products. There is a difference.  Take green cleaning products for instance it can be made out of less toxic ingredients, but might not be organic ingredients.  When buying such products as green cleaning products, be sure to know the difference. Organic means no chemicals were used. Eco friendly just means that it has less toxicity or less carbon footprint than mainstream.  Often times in green cleaning products botanical ingredients might be used, but not organic botanical ingredients.  Still, product for product botanical is far better than chemicals, if the choice for organic is not an option.  When shopping for your everyday products, it is always good to know how green a product is, how earth friendly and non-toxic it is, before buying it.  Generally speaking Organic is the purest and best option.

New Year’s resolutions can be fun!  Being greener can be educational, fun and a new, healthier lifestyle for the entire family.  It doesn’t have to be hum drum, it can actually be creative, exciting.  For us, it is exciting learning a new and better way of helping the environment and our family health. Starting with buying Organic Products is a great way to begin.  Once you go Organic, it’s hard to go back to chemicals. It feels good! You can taste, smell and feel the difference of an Organic product versus a chemical equal.  Shop for our full line of products at

Natural Bedding

With cooler weather here window and doors are closed the indoor air quality of your home is more important.  We spend 8 hours or more in our bedrooms each day. The amount of toxins in the air in our bedrooms is higher than one might think.  Natural Bedding is important.  It’s what’s closest to us while sleeping.  Mainstream bedding can be toxic.  Open a new package of sheets or a blanket and you can smell the chemicals.  This is why most people immediately wash the bedding and may even air it out prior to washing.    Unfortunately washing doesn’t get all the chemicals out.  Using Natural bedding can be beneficial to your health and is much more comfortable and soft than mainstream chemical bedding. Since our bedding is closest to us while sleeping some might say it is more important than anything else in the house to be free of chemicals.  Spending time shopping for Organic bedding or Natural bedding such as Organic cotton sheets, Bamboo Sheets or Natural wool bedding is very important for a healthier lifestyle and body.

Feel the difference that an Organic Bed can make, start with Natural bedding and then add an Organic mattress or Organic mattress topper.  You’ll be glad you did! Check out our complete line of bedding


Reason to use Organic Mattresses

Reason to use Organic Mattresses. If you are about to invest in a new mattress, you may want to explore your options for organic mattresses. Though many consumers feel saturated by such terms as all natural and organic, and balk at the idea of going so far as to seek out organic bedding, it is important to understand the benefits gained from the use of organic mattresses.
For instance, even a poor sleeper spends around five to eight hours of each day on their bed. Even if that bed has a pad and good linens the mattress may be sending out fumes and chemicals from all of the materials used in standard mattress manufacturing. What sort of chemicals? PVC is one, but so too are all of the fire retardants and polyurethane that appear in most domestically made mattresses.
So, a single night’s sleep can expose you to substances that may have been banned elsewhere in the world; that might cause such problems as thyroid disorders, breathing issues, brain development problems, and skin reactions; and more! Why put your health, and the health of those you love, at risk? Natural mattresses and bedding are readily available.
When you invest in organic mattresses and bedding you are acquiring items made entirely of natural materials. This means that wool or cotton that has been “grown” and processed without any sort of toxins. So, you get the immediate health benefits and the planet gets some relief from the relentless pace of industrial dumping and toxicity. Fortunately, they are available in all of the typical household sizes that range from a king size adult mattress right down to a organic baby’s crib mattress as well. Why not begin exploring your choices in organic and healthy mattresses and bedding today? You will sleep a whole lot easier for it!

Forward Not Back Climate Change Vote November

Forward Not Back on Climate Change, Vote this November. In the next few months Americans have to make a important choice of who to elect as President of the United States of America.  While this isn’t a political post, it is a call to action.  President Obama tonight said in his speech that “climate change isn’t hoax” and we can make a difference in the coming election.  I’ve heard so many people say that the record heats this year has really changed their mind about climate change.  Watching the fires in Colorado was heart breaking.  Seeing a friend post on facebook a record high of 126 degrees blew my mind.  It is scary for me to think that this could get worse.  I can’t imagine how bad it might get.  Living a green lifestyle couldn’t be more important.  In this election this November it couldn’t be more important to really plug in to the important issues of each party.  Keeping in mind that we live on this planet Earth and that protecting the environment isn’t about saving the planet, it is about saving ourselves, it is however, the only planet we have.  The planet will survive, we however will have a harder time surviving.

When the heat gets much hotter (during the warm months)  our vegetables won’t grow, the cattle will have a hard time surviving. All plant life will have a hard time surviving.  Our entire lifestyle might have to change to adapt to the increasing temperatures and also the lower temperatures during the winter. The effects of Climate Change have already started to occur.  Climate change isn’t just about a hotter climate it is an imbalance in temperatures.  Erratic temperatures that will be extremes in both directions. Massive natural disasters will continue to occur.  Scientists have been preaching this for decades. The time has come for us to act.

Being green isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity.  Working together as a nation to do our part to lesson the disasters of this planet due to climate change is a positive step forward. I for one choose to go Forward not Back in the next 4 years.  I feel that our survival and our children’s survival is important.  I hope that no matter what your stance is on the election, you will educate yourself on the issues and vote this November!

College Student Going Green

It’s an exciting time of your child’s life when they go off to college for the first time.  It can be a hectic and emotional time too.  Lots of planning and a long list of supplies to buy before school even begins.  This time of the year can be expensive, overwhelming and also crazy.  In the midst of all of this chaos being green might be the least of your worries.  Besides your soon to be college student wants to have a hip room and hip clothes to wear to school.

Green doesn’t necessarily have to be dull and boring and over spending sure isn’t fun.  Cutting down on spending helps your budget and also helps the environment when you don’t over do on buying products.

You can send your college student to school with the hip and “in style” and still watch your carbon footprint and here is how.

  • Buy clothing that is sustainable and or used.  Start shopping early so that you don’t binge buy.  There are some really cool “in” clothing that is eco friendly.  The great thing about ‘vintage” is that it is Hip already.  Shopping at thrift stores can save you lots of money.  If buying used isn’t your thing, try buying Bamboo Fashion clothing.  It not only wrinkles less, it is light weight so it packs up easy and is very easy to care for, and it’s super soft!  It usually doesn’t need ironing and dries quickly, which is great for the student on the go.  It makes a great year around fabric and layers easily.

  •  Organizational supplies are a must with dorm living.  Believe it or not organization is very eco friendly.  The more organized you are, the less likely you are to buy more than you need.  When you have less space, organization is paramount.  College students need to keep track of their studies, supplies and everyday items, so it will save them time.  You can buy natural fiber and sustainable file cabinets, drawers and school supplies.  Everything you need can be eco friendly for your student’s dorm room.  Natural fiber baskets, bins and desks make your student hip and going green.
  • Room decor, what college student doesn’t want to have a hip dorm room and bathroom.  Mainstream products can be tempting, but you might find that natural products are just as appealing.  Bamboo sheets and comforters, natural fiber pillows and even blinds can be made from a more sustainable and earth friendly source. How about Bamboo Towels?  We have them along with bathroom rugs, and even robes and slippers.

What an exciting time this is for your family.  It can also be a very light footprint for the environment and an opportunity to educate your family on the importance of Going Green!  Just a little planning can make your college student’s dorm healthier and hip! Check out our full line of eco friendly products for students at